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Happy Thankful Thursday! Today we are showing our thankfulness for our Ambassador Program. At UHSM, we believe that your body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Strengthening all three contributes to your overall health. It is important to us that we partner with like-minded professionals, authors, and organizations. We support these individuals and organizations because we believe in them. And they support UHSM, because they believe in us.

In the coming weeks stay tuned as we remind you how thankful we are for you. And also to give thanks for the amazing perks and programs that are offered to you with your UHSM membership.


This incredible group of UHSM Ambassadors share our beliefs, and their messages are available to you directly, simply by visiting and following their social media pages and websites.

Jarett Andretti / Andretti Autosports
UHSM is proud to support Jarett Andretti and the #Checkit4Andretti colon cancer awareness foundation. The Andretti family created this initiative to honor John Andretti’s legacy, who died in 2020 from colon cancer. UHSM is proud to support Jarett Andretti and the virtues he exemplifies as a fellow Christian, as well as his family’s mission to highlight the importance of regular colon cancer screenings. Together, partnering with UHSM Health Share, our goal is to spread awareness of cancer screenings and to aid in early detection and treatment.
Learn More About Jarett Andretti

Anne Beiler
Auntie Anne Beiler is best known as the founder of Auntie Anne’s®, the world’s largest pretzel franchise. But before rising to success, Anne went through years of defeat, despair, and depression that kept her stuck in a place of darkness. It was through her pain, however, that she discovered a new purpose.
Learn More About Anne Beiler

Cancer Kinship
Cancer Kinship guides cancer patients through and after their treatments, helping them regain control of their lives and well-being, and reducing their risks of disease recurrence. Cancer Kinship offers peer mentorship, survivor empowerment and education, and socialization and wellness programs.
Learn More About Cancer Kinship

Female Athlete Mission
The Female Athlete Mission (FAM) is a blog – podcast – online community for female Christian athletes. We hope it’s a place where you grow in your faith on and off your playing field. We also hope that by engaging with our content, you would feel less alone, and that you would be encouraged and inspired! We have new blog articles and podcasts released every month on topics like: injury recovery, prayer, sitting on the bench, winning and losing, body image, sport psychology, glorifying God on the court, and so much more! Everything we talk about involves faith, life, and being a women in sport.
Learn More About Female Athlete Mission

Fireside Ministry
Fireside Ministry was born out of conversations around the fire…around something deeper, mythic, and holy. It was born from men encouraging each other, rallying around each other, connecting, and going after the heart of God. We believe that God has put A FIRE inside all young people. And that fire burns hotter and more fierce within a team. Within a community. We believe that young men and women were meant to change the world. They were meant to lead, to love, to cultivate, and to champion others. And we believe that they still do this today.
Learn More About Fireside Ministry

Ignite Youth Leadership Program
Ignite YLP empowers young men and women, particularly high school students, to go into their neighborhood (i.e, a blacktop, grass field, or sport court), use a soccer ball, and intentionally engage youth through a posture of love, prayer, and integrity.
Learn More About Ignite Youth Leadership Program

KidWorks ushers hope into Orange County, CA’s most challenging neighborhoods through life changing leadership development and academic enrichment programs while also fortifying families by engaging and supporting parents. In partnership with our valued supporters and volunteers, KidWorks continues its legacy as a beacon of light and hope.
Learn More About KidWorks

California Love Drop
California Love Drop has delivered over 11,000 meals at 61 different locations. The plan is to keep the positive momentum going and continue to applaud the courage of our frontline heroes. UHSM is a proud Dropper Partner.
Learn More About California Love Drop

International Christian Coaching Institute
Where professionalism and Christian Coaching come together–bringing life and living into focus. Serving others with compassion and competence.
Learn More About International Christian Coaching Institute

Grant Lottering
Grant Lottering continues to astonish medical professionals and audiences, alike. His story ‘From Death to the Top of the Alps,’ has amazed audiences in over 11 countries around the world. Inspiring others to fly high in the face of adversity, Grant is living proof that one can achieve unbelievable levels of success while persevering in the face of challenges and storms. Grant has overcome incredible odds, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible, for the glory of God.
Learn More About Grant Lottering

Brittney Moses
The Faith and Wellness podcast with Brittney Moses integrates faith and mental health through impactful and real conversations, at the intersection of both clinical and lived experience. Mental, physical, and spiritual health matters.
Learn More About Brittney Moses

Orange County Soccer Club
The OCSC Community Corner, supported by UHSM, is a season-long outreach program that provides nonprofit organizations tickets to OCSC games.
Learn More About Orange County Soccer Club

Amon-Ra St. Brown
With the help of Amon-Ra St. Brown, of the Detroit Lions, UHSM Health Share seeks to inspire others to lead healthy, purpose-driven lives. Amon-Ra has always been fortunate to have amazing support from his strong family unit. During his time at award-winning Mater Dei Catholic High School, he practiced each day the work ethics and values that go into building true character.
Learn More About Amon-Ra St. Brown

The UHSM Ambassador Team is an extension of UHSM and our beliefs. We are so thankful for this group of individuals and organizations and we are confident that our members will find value in connecting with these individuals and organizations online and on social media.

We are thankful for YOU!
Your friends at UHSM

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