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What is UHSM?

UHSM is not insurance. Rather, we are a non-profit, Christian healthcare sharing ministry. UHSM helps facilitate member-to-member medical sharing. We promote holistic health and wellbeing, as well as faithful living.

What is health sharing?

Health sharing is an alternative to health insurance that is more flexible and cost-effective. Our programs connect those with similar beliefs and help them save on medical costs.

Our simple, fair, and friendly health share programs cost 30-40% less than traditional insurance.


UHSM Program Features

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  • UHSM partners with the PHCS® PPO Network, the country’s largest and strongest network, with over 1.2 million doctors, hospitals, and specialty providers to help serve our members.
  • At UHSM, you get more than you would with most health shares or insurance plans.
  • To create a healthier community, UHSM programs now offer $0 flu immunizations, $0 telehealth consultations, and $0 consult fees on annual wellness visits.
  • UHSM members have access to affordable prescription pricing with CVS Caremark, the largest pharmacy network in the United States. With 68,000 locations, including Costco, Walmart, Target, and more, members have convenient access to affordable prescriptions.
  • From bumps and bruises, shots, sniffles, rashes and more, MinuteClinic has you covered. UHSM members can now schedule services online. To learn more and plan your visit, click here.
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For Goodness Sake

Community Partnerships and Engagements

“Our mission is to unite the community of believers, all Christians, regardless of denomination or church affiliation, to identify, foster and facilitate education, charitable outreach and programs and services for the communities of like-minded religious individuals that desire to honor their individual sincerely held religious beliefs as set forth in the Bible and to provide benevolence to others as Christ did. Furthermore, to advance the teachings of the Bible, to educate, disciple and foster a united community of believers to care for each other and bear each other’s burdens and impact their communities.”

UHSM endorses other community, charitable and religious organizations that share our principles and faithful convictions. UHSM partners with Abide, California Love Drop, Cancer Kinship, Cornbread Hustle, Grant Lottering, Jarett Andretti, Orange County Soccer Club, Pure Game, Relevant, and more in order to further our mission to unite a community believers. We encourage you to learn more about each of our partners and share their messages of hope and love, For Goodness Sake!

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