Telemedicine & Medical Safeguard Measures for You and Your Colleagues

Welcome to the UHSM Telehealth for Essential Organizations program. We’re happy to be able to do our part to support you and your fellow colleagues, so that you can continue your important mission and support our communities in need.

We want to welcome you to our Telehealth network, and let you know we’re here for you 7 days a week at 1-844-485-7150. UHSM is honored and proud to support your essential organization with our telemedicine and medical symptom tracking system. This page includes FAQs and important information about this program, including a slideshow and downloadable PDF brochure. Stay safe, and God Bless!

All staff should use the following link to optin to the program, which will trigger them to complete medical history and acceptance of terms. Start at UHSM.com/optin.


The UHSM Telehealth for Essential Organizations program is customizable by each participating business to fit its needs and that of its staff. The main differences usually involve temperature checks, and whether those are done as a group on-premise or self-administered and recorded individually. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 
How do I Sign Up?
You will be given a link to sign up for these services by your admin or HR staff. In most cases, it will be UHSM.com/optin.
After I Optin, What Happens Next?

Once you optin to the program from the link provided, our system will send a series of emails with links to forms to make sure you get onboarded. You’ll have to activate your account by completing a brief medical history and agreeing to our terms of service.

Once that’s done, you will get an email outlining your benefits in this program and how to use them, including your member ID and the telehealth phone number 1-844-485-7150. SAVE that information; and have it ready anytime you need telemedicine services.

Why is there a daily Survey?

The daily COVID-19 survey is designed to keep you and the entire staff safe, by sharing information with our medical team who are constantly monitoring input.

Please make sure you complete that survey every day you work; and just ignore it on days you don’t. If your organization is doing on-premise temperature checks that’s a separate process. But, if you don’t get checked at work please take your own temperature and submit it each day with your daily survey.

Is this Program Required?

Please know this program is optional, but if you choose to join we can help you through any and all Coronavirus issues as well as testing, as needed. The more colleagues and staff that participate, the stronger and safer your organization will be.

Additionally, our telehealth team will be here for you and your immediate family members for all your non-emergency health issues (we treat 30+ conditions), including ordering prescriptions and lab tests as needed. 

Does this Replace my Insurance?

Absolutely NOT! Any health care coverage you already have should remain in place, whether offered through your organization or otherwise.

This telehealth program is designed to supplement your existing health care by providing enhanced coronavirus medical services and testing, if needed. Plus, our monitoring and survey system helps safeguard each employee and the organization. Finally, your organization has access to expert medical support to guide its admin and HR teams through this pandemic and beyond.

How Much Does it Cost?

All costs related to UHSM Telehealth services were arranged through your organization, which felt it was important to extend these benefits to you. There is no fee per telehealth consultation, meaning you’ll pay $0 for unlimited use. Should a chronic condition arise, our telehealth team will help find local medical care more suited to your needs.


How Do You Protect My Privacy?

Please know your privacy and safety is our top concern. All your health information is secure and protected, and only available to the in-network physicians; except in cases where a public health concern might be present. Should there be an issue, we’ll share information discretely with local health entities and possibly your organization, if needed. 

We look forward to being your trusted telemedicine partner, through COVID-19 and beyond. We are so grateful for all you do to support us and the ongoing mission of your organization … THANK YOU! Stay safe, and God Bless!


How This Does This Program Work?

UHSM Telehealth for Essential Organizations helps keep employees and staff productive, and the organization safe, by implementing key protocols and daily surveys. 

Medical Services
Telehealth 7 days a week

Medical Compliance
Surveys & Temp Checks

Medical Consulting
HR & Admin Guidance


Program Communications & Information

This slideshow and downloadable PDF has all you need to know about how the UHSM Telehealth for Essential Organizations program works, including communications pieces and daily survey each staffer is asked to complete. 

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