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Today we are introducing Thankful Thursdays here at UHSM. We are so thankful for you and want to show our thanks by reminding you of the amazing perks that support your UHSM membership. In the coming weeks each Thursday we will remind you of how thankful we are for you and our perks and programs. So stay tuned for these Thankful emails each week.

Today we give thanks to FitBod!

Fitbod is an award winning fitness application that provides users with personalized workouts tailored to their goal, ability, and available equipment. The FitBod vision is to foster a more productive and functional populace through a global dedication to physical fitness and their mission is to provide the world with authentic fitness coaching.

FitBod is designed to suit users no matter the level of fitness ranging from beginner to advanced. As an accessible, easy-to-use platform, FitBod can be used anywhere, whether you are in a gym or your living room. For our UHSM members like you, this is a great complimentary perk normally valued at $79.99 but we are offering it to our members for FREE. No matter what you are trying to accomplish with your workout, FitBod has unlimited types of workout plans specifically designed for you!

As always, we at UHSM care about your overall wellness. Spending just a few minutes a day on positivity and gratitude is proven to improve overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

We welcome you to start your journey with UHSM and FitBod today!

Another friendly reminder that FitBod Is FREE to all UHSM members for 1 year.

To activate your account, sign up or find more information, please click on the link below.

We are thankful for YOU!

Your friends at UHSM

*Please note that clicking the link below will send you to a third party website (FitBod). If you choose to sign up for your FREE membership with FitBod via this link, you will be opting in to receive emails from this third party (FitBod).

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