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Workouts made

for you.

Fitness that fits your life.

Fitbod adapts to support you when your fitness goals evolve, gym equipment changes, or when you need some variety to stay motivated. 

Your fitness journey, visualized. 

See where you stand as Fitbod gets to know you better. See your muscle usage, exercise achievements and workout streaks to track your fitness progress.  

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*Perk is valued at $79.99/year.

  • Personalized workouts tailored to your body, ability, and goal.
  • AI leverages over 175-million exercises to create your plan.
  • Workout with, or without equipment, anywhere you go.
  • Named App-of-the-Day 2019, 2020, and 2021
  • Named Apple Editor’s Choice
  • Over 200,000+ Reviews, 4.8-star Average.

Please note, each member must provide their own email address to register and receive their personalized FitBod account. Members cannot use the same email address even if they are on the same UHSM member account. Please contact for any questions or concerns.

Get personalized workouts everyday.

Fitbod is an award winning application that leverages AI to provide users with personalized workouts tailored to their goal, ability, and available equipment.

“Our vision is to foster a more productive and functional populace through a global dedication to physical fitness.”

Their mission is to provide the world with authentic fitness coaching. Fitbod is designed to suit users at all levels, from beginner to advanced. As an accessible, easy-to-use platform, Fitbod can be used anywhere, whether you are in a gym or your living room. For the UHSM members, this is a great complimentary benefit. No matter what you are trying to accomplish from your workout, Fitbod has unlimited types of workout plans specific to you!