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Grant Lottering’s USA Im’Possible Tour

Extreme Endurance Cyclist, International Motivational Speaker and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, Grant Lottering remarkably came back from death on July 21, 2013, and has since conquered the French Alps, Pyrenees, and South African trails.

Grant Lottering continues to astonish medical professionals and audiences, alike. Grant has shared his story ‘From Death to the Top of the Alps’ with audiences in over 11 countries around the world. Inspiring audiences to fly high in the face of adversity, he is living proof that one can achieve unbelievable levels of success while persevering in the face of challenges and storms.

Grant has overcome incredible odds, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible.

Im’Possible US Tour Schedule

The Start Line

Grant’s tour, supporting Laureus Sport for Good USA, will officially start on June 1st, 2022. Grant Lottering’s US tour includes multiple, sponsored events, both before and after the official June 1st tour-start.

Journey Across California

Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County

Grant Lottering will be in the United States to complete his Im’Possible Tour, Spring and Summer of 2022. Grant’s tour will take place in the beautiful mountains of California, United States; Grant always looks to take the impossible and make
it possible! Grant Lottering’s tour, for 2022, will complete approximately 750 miles, in the fastest possible time, over three or four days straight, with an expected climb of over 65,000 feet, and peaking over 15, California mountaintop views.

From Impossible to Im’Possible

 Grant has turned the “impossible,” into “Im’Possible Tour,” as a result of his amazing story of overcoming and equates his life to the Glory of God.

Grant Lottering is, currently, sponsored by UHSM, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Giant Bicycles, and more! Opportunities for fans, friends, and local communities to connect with Grant Lottering during his tour will be available, soon! Grant’s story of inspiration will also be available in bookstores, soon!

Grant’s tour, supporting Laureus Sport for Good, will officially start on June 1st, 2022. Grant Lottering’s USA tour includes multiple, sponsored events, both before and after the official June 1st tour-start.

Supporting Grant

UHSM is a proud supporter of Grant and his mission and vision for inspiring others. We believe in the mission of spreading the gospel and motivating people every step of the way. Grant is passionate about sharing positivity with the world and his testimony of the second chance at life God gave him.

We at UHSM believe in caring for people and their overall health including but not limited to their mind, body and spirit. UHSM only serves the United States market, but working with Grant, UHSM knows and appreciates the power of God, believing that it transcends across the world. UHSM is proud to work with Grant Lottering and have him as an ambassador.

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