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“Our UHSM healthcare is working remarkably well thanks to your advice and leadership. We will be sure to tell our friends about you!”


“Great experience! My husband and I both unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 but UHSM held our hand and walked us through the whole process to get tested and cared for. Really appreciated the love, support and professional advice they gave throughout the entire process. We even received follow up calls from their doctors checking in with us to see how we were doing. We are now both thankfully well on our way to a full recovery!”


“Huge savings for us, huge! Such an amazing experience that we wanted to make sure our other friends and family members applied for the same healthcare through UHSM.”

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Health Sharing FAQs

Is Christian Medical Health Sharing Right for Me?

The truth is that only you can determine if health sharing is right for your situation. We do think that it is important you gather information and weigh options before making an important decision about your healthcare. UHSM's approach is to make health care more simple, transparent, and friendly. We want our members and providers to discuss costs and billing codes prior to service so that everyone involved avoids those unexpected surprise medical bills. Our members learn more about their care so that they can save money for themselves and for our entire membership. UHSM is a different kind of health care. More care, less stress, and the best benefits for you and your family. To see if you qualify for membership please contact us to learn more.

How Long Has Medical Sharing Existed?

The Biblical concepts of communities of believers caring for one another has been part of America since before the United States were formed. Modern health sharing, also known as medical sharing and Christian healthcare, has been around for more than 40 years now and today, as many as 2 million Americans choose Christian health sharing. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted, these medical sharing programs were NOT subject to the individual mandate tax penalty, and thus qualified as health coverage. With the 2019 reversal of the Obamacare tax penalty to $0, these health share programs, including emerging ministries, are exploding in popularity.

What exactly is health sharing and how does member-to-member sharing work?

Christian health share medical cost sharing programs are not medical health insurance plans. These programs are member-based fellowships where faithful people exercise their right to take charge of their own healthcare. In health sharing, monthly share contributions are used to help pay for other members medical expenses. Not all health sharing programs are designed the same, but member-to-member sharing in the UHSM community is AWESOME! Here’s how …

  • When a member pays the monthly share amount, UHSM records the contribution and deposits funds into escrow on each member’s behalf.
  • For UHSM members that need healthcare, members simply present their UHSM card to participating providers at the time of service, and pay consult fees or costs outlined by their program.
  • With the help of Third-Party Sharing Administrators, UHSM coordinates provider statements and member Share Requests. Each medical cost sharing request is analyzed and marked as Eligible for sharing, Follow-up Required, or Ineligible for sharing.
  • If Eligible for Sharing, UHSM calculates the sharing costs, notes member ledgers, and authorizes escrow disbursement so that members can pay for one another’s medical needs.
  • A member-to-member sharing statement is automatically generated for all members involved in the sharing event, whether contributing or receiving.