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Welcome to UHSM, a caring community dedicated to keeping you healthy, happy, and in control of your well-being. We’re so glad to have you with us. Along with your Welcome Kit that was mailed upon your initial enrollment date, the information on this page will help you take full advantage of your UHSM health sharing membership. Our goal is to provide members with the best healthcare sharing program on the planet. So plan on an AWESOME* experience! 


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Main Office

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Monday – Friday:
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Reach us now at memberservices@uhsm.com

We apologize if you’ve experienced longer than normal hold times recently. The fastest way to accomplish many requests is to email us at memberservices@uhsm.com. Billing questions, ID cards, status of preauthorization, and medical bill processing can all be handled quickly via secure email.
Regardless of how you contact us, we’re committed to providing an AWESOME* experience, every time.  


PHCS® PPO Network

PHCS is the leading PPO provider network and the largest in the nation. UHSM medical sharing eligibility extends to qualifying costs at the more than 1.2 million doctors, hospitals, and specialists in this network. By contracting with this network, our members benefit from pre-negotiated rates and payment processes that lead to a much smoother process and overall cost savings.

Doctors & Hospitals

PPO Network




We want our members to get the care they need, at prices they can afford. More importantly, we want our members to have clear answers to their direct questions. Collectively, our community continues to advocate for increased transparency in today’s modern healthcare. Here are some frequently asked UHSM membership questions and answers. 

Where’s my ID Card? What’s my ID number?

Within days of enrollment confirmation, all members receive an email with a digital ID card and UHSM Member number. You can expect to receive your Welcome Kit—containing your printed ID card, Member Guide and Program Details—within 10-15 days following the initial effective date. Should you need a copy of your digital ID card for any reason, please email Member Services at memberservices@uhsm.com.

Note: We send a maximum of two printed cards per membership. In the spirit of keeping program costs down, we do not replace ID cards.

How Do I Get Answers Regarding Billing, Preauthorization Status, and Benefits? 

Our new Member Portal isn’t quite ready, and the prior portal only contains 2019 activity. So for the moment, the best way to get answers regarding billing, preauthorization status or benefits is by contacting Member Services. If you need help, we’re here for you! Email us at memberservices@uhsm.com.

Important Portal Info for Members Effective Prior to December 31, 2019

If you are a registered user of the Member Portal, please note that it should only be used for viewing program details, benefits, and sharing activity through 2019.

Important: If you click on any of the other links, eg: Order/Print New ID Card, you will receive a message in red indicating the “Insured is terminated as of 01-01-2020”. Please disregard this, as it is inaccurate . We apologize for the confusion.

Until we launch the new portal (coming soon), the best way to request a digital ID card, change your payment information, get answers regarding 2020 activity/billing, reauthorization status, and benefits is to email us at memberservices@uhsm.com.

Why Did I Get a Member-to-Member Sharing Statement? 

Since UHSM is a non-profit, member-to-member sharing program (not traditional insurance), we’re required to provide regular statements on how funds are used to help share members’ medical costs. You should receive a monthly Member Sharing Statement that lets you know how much you contributed and how much UHSM members shared in total. This notice is not a bill or invoice and you don’t need to take any action. It’s simply informational.  

How Do I Get Another Member ID Card?

Should you need a copy of your digital ID card for any reason, please email Member Services at memberservices@uhsm.com.

Note: We send a maximum of two printed cards per membership in your Welcome Kit. In the spirit of keeping program costs down, we do not replace ID cards.

What Forms Do I need for Taxes?
We know there are many questions surrounding healthcare sharing ministries, and the tax-exempt status as qualifying health coverage. While the individual healthcare mandate was removed on a federal level for the tax year of 2019 and beyond, a handful of states have passed laws that will impact the 2020 tax year. Please visit the page UHSM.com/taxes for more information, but of course, members should always consult a tax professional.
What Benefits Do I Have from Day One?

Telemedicine and Emergency services are eligible for sharing upon Membership effective date. For most programs (except Fundamental), Annual Wellness and Preventive services are also available from initial Effective Date. However, continuous Membership must be met before eligible sharing of other medical services, depending on specific program details (typically 60 days for most services). Most UHSM members are eligible for sharing from Day One in these situations, following your enrollment effective date:   

  • Life-Threatening Emergency Situations¹  
  • Wellness and preventive care  
  • Telemedicine 
  • Generic prescriptions² 

¹UHSM will review each case independently and assess on a case-by-case basis 

² If your program has pharmacy benefits, generic medications are shareable immediately 

When Should I Talk to a Doctor via Telemedicine?

For a simple cold or sinus infection, or anything that is not urgent or emergency-related, all members have access to our telemedicine service partners. This is the best way to get medical attention any time you have a non-urgent health issue. You’ll speak with a board-certified physician who can evaluate your condition and prescribe medication or order lab tests, if necessary.  

Call Telemedicine  from 7am-10pm ET, 7 days a week.
Just call 844-485-7150.

How Do I Update My Contribution or Bank Info?
Currently, the only way to change your method of payment is by contacting our UHSM Benefits team. You will be asked to complete and return an EFT form authorizing your contribution. We hope to have an online portal for these types of changes soon. For now please email your request to memberservices@uhsm.com.
How Do I Prepare for my 1st Provider Visit?

Using UHSM health share program benefits works like traditional healthcare.

  1. Make sure your provider is in the PHCS PPO Network
  2. See the doctor, specialist or care facility and ONLY pay the per-visit consult fee specified by your program (if applicable)
  3. Your provider will confirm benefits with UHSM and/or PHCS PPO network. All billing will be done by the provider through established medical billing channels.

Please note that you should never pay a provider “cash price” for any visit or service. If any in-network provider has questions or objections, please contact us at 1-800-900-UHSM (8476).

member-to-member health sharing

How Healthshare Works … with UHSM, it’s Awesome!

Wondering how member-to-member health sharing works in a Christian medical health share program? This video explains it. UHSM is not insurance. It’s affordable, alternative health care. UHSM serves as a connector, we administer the cost-sharing program and help health share members support each other—it’s AWESOME! 

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