Review of Christian Healthcare vs Traditional Health Insurance Plans


How Does Christian Healthcare Compare to Traditional Health Insurance Plans?

How Healthshare Works … with UHSM, it’s Awesome!

Wondering how member-to-member health sharing works in a Christian medical health share program? This video explains it. UHSM is not insurance. It’s affordable, alternative health care. UHSM serves as a connector, we administer the cost-sharing program and help health share members support each other—it’s AWESOME!


Our friendly service and transparent approach makes understanding Christian healthcare easier than ever. We want people to ask questions. We want people to get clear answers. We want our members to get the care they need, at prices they can afford. We’re helping solve the Rubik’s cube that is healthcare once and for all.

What is Christian healthcare sharing?

Christian healthcare sharing ministries are non-insurance entities in which members share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs and share medical expenses among members. 

What is UHSM?

UHSM™ is a religious organization that facilitates medical expense sharing. It is not an insurance company. Neither its guidelines, plan of operation, nor any other documents of the religious organization constitute or create an insurance policy. Our Members are individuals who share their medical expenses in accordance with Christian beliefs without regard to the state in which a member resides. 

How do I become a member?

You can call 800-900-UHSM (8476) to start the application process today! 

What are the eligibility requirements to become a member?

We require our members to meet a list of qualifications in order to enroll. This includes maintaining a healthy and proactive lifestyle. Members must also have a mutual understanding that this program is for a community of like-minded individuals who share healthcare costs. 

What if I want to change my program?

Call us at 800-900-UHSM (8476) 

Is this insurance?

No, this is a healthcare sharing program. Healthcare sharing programs are becoming very popular because of the exuberant rates of insurance. As many as 2 million people throughout the country use similar programs. These are not insurance policies and they do not carry guarantees. 

Is this a CVS prescription discount plan?

No, this is not a CVS prescription discount plan. We do provide our membership the ability to share expenses for prescription costs up to your Sharing Program limits through the CVS Caremark Pharmacy network, which includes retailers such as Costco, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more. 

Does this program include a PPO network?

YES! UHSM health share programs include eligible sharing through participating providers within the PHCS PPO Network; the largest in the country with more than 1.2 million doctors, hospitals and specialists.

Go here to see if your provider is in network visit:

Please Note: When searching for providers, the results presented are for reference only; as participating physicians, hospitals, and/or healthcare providers may have changed since the online directory was last updated. Always confirm network participation and provide your UHSM Member ID card prior to scheduling an appointment and before services are rendered.

Which states can I use my UHSM program in?

UHSM programs can be used in all fifty (50) states!  

Can anyone be accepted?

UHSM is a selective program and unfortunately, not everyone will be accepted, but we do offer a variety of programs for most needs. 

Does UHSM have lifetime maximums / sharing limits?

NO! There are no lifetime maximum sharing limits. 


PHCS® PPO Network

PHCS is the leading PPO provider network and the largest in the nation. UHSM medical sharing eligibility extends to qualifying costs at the more than 1.2 million doctors, hospitals, and specialists in this network. By contracting with this network, our members benefit from pre-negotiated rates and payment processes that lead to a much smoother process and overall cost savings.

Doctors & Hospitals

PPO Network




CVS Caremark Network

The CVS Caremark name is synonymous with prescription healthcare needs, serving more than 5 million+ patients per day across the 68,000+ pharmacy retail locations in the United States. UHSM has contracted with the CVS Caremark network to offer member convenience and quality, allowing them to satisfy their Rx needs locally at Costco, CVS, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and more.

Retail Pharmacies




“The Lord will guide you continually, watering your life when you are dry

and keeping you healthy, too.

You will be like a well-watered garden; like an ever-flowing spring.”

—Isaiah 58:11