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World Meditation Day was May 21st! It is a day to create awareness about meditation and learn about its benefits. Today, we are busier than ever and could all benefit from slowing down and re-centering ourselves. Meditation practices include techniques like mindfulness and focus on staying calm and stable.

One of the best things about mediation is that anyone, anywhere, can do it. All it takes is simply closing your eyes, focusing and taking deep breaths in and out. The key is allowing your mind to clear its thoughts. Adopting meditation will significantly benefit your physical, mental and emotional health.

Changing your mindset through meditation requires commitment, perseverance and patience. Regular meditation can alter brain functions in positive ways. Meditation can improve the way each side of the brain communicates with each other. It can also enhance emotional stability while reducing mood swings. Self-awareness and self-control can also benefit significantly.

Meditation is incredibly beneficial for your mental and physical health. Significant benefits of meditation include:

1. Reduce stress.

Meditation pr  omotes relaxation that relieves both emotional and physical stress. Taking time out of your busy, stressful day to focus on yourself can reduce stress and frustration while improving your mood. The breathing exercises associated with meditation can lower blood pressure, calm the mind, and give the body time to recover from day-to-day stress.

2. Decrease anxiety.

Meditation eliminates fear and anger. During meditation, you repress emotions and help them disappear, leading to a happier life. Meditation is one of the best and most common holistic ways to treat anxiety. This practice helps slow your heart rate and controls harmful thoughts while helping to prevent anxiety episodes.

3. Remove distractions.

Many of us are struggling with concentration and focus. So many distractions from our phones to social media take our attention. Practicing mindfulness and meditation encourages you to think about the present, live in the moment, and eliminate distractions. The long-term effect of this is improving overall activity while helping you to remain focused when it counts.

4. Enhance self-awareness.

Meditation can significantly change your mindset by enhancing your self-awareness. When you change your outlook, you’ll become more in tune with your mental and physical condition. In doing so, you can better assess your well-being while focusing on the now instead of reliving the past or stressing about the future. It’s a game-changer when it comes to keeping your emotions in check.

You can celebrate World Meditation Day by setting aside time to clear your mind and relax. Find a calming place where you feel at ease with your surroundings, close your eyes and clear your mind. If this is your first time trying meditation, go in with an open mind and do your best to center your thoughts. You may try a guided meditation tutorial where an experienced individual can help walk you through the process.

Mediation can vastly improve your life as well as your health. However you choose to celebrate World Meditation Day, remember that it’s most beneficial when you practice it regularly. Make it a goal to set a reminder to meditate once a day, every day this week, and soak up all the benefits!

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