SUMMARY: After over a year of the ongoing pandemic, it might finally be time to take that vacation! But what can you do to ensure that you vacation safely during the health crisis?



Two couples in travelling in car
Traveling by car may be a safer option compared to taking a flight to reach your destination.

Taking a vacation is the perfect time to get away from work, relax, unwind, and spend some quality time with family and friends. And considering how long the current health crisis has forced many to put vacation plans on hold, it might finally be time to start making some holiday plans as the situation improves. You can never be 100% sure that you are safe from COVID. However, you can increase your odds of staying healthy and safe by taking a vacation that takes more precautions. The world is not out of the woods yet with regard to the pandemic. That means you should still be practicing safety protocols to ensure you continue on a positive trajectory and reach the other side of the pandemic sooner rather than later. If you’re planning to take a trip soon, here are some tips to help lower the odds of exposure.

Take a Road Trip

If at all possible, try to avoid taking a flight to your destination, depending on where you’re headed. Traveling by car will ensure that you’re nowhere near any other traveler as you make your way to your vacation spot of choice. While airplanes have been outfitted with things like HEPA air filters, better air exchange, and even electrostatic spraying, traveling by car is still a safer option. Plus, driving will enable you and your family to see a variety of new places on your way to your final destination.

Reserve a Private Vacation Rental

Rather than staying at a hotel, consider renting a vacation house that you won’t have to share with other travelers. With fewer person-to-person interactions, you’ll be less likely to come into contact with someone who may be carrying the virus compared to a hotel stay. Hotels have been working hard to ensure that their rooms and all common areas are clean and sanitized, but vacation homes come with the added advantage of only one party occupying the place at a time.

A couple outside a tent in front of a fire pouring coffee
Camping typically comes with far fewer people to interact with given the remote nature of this type of trip.

Go Camping

Out of all types of vacations, camping will likely come with the least amount of interaction with others and minimal exposure to contaminated surfaces. Camping is a great way to avoid crowds if you want to keep physical distancing as part of your holiday regime. Whether you pitch a tent in a remote part of the forest or even try your hand at ‘glamping,’ camping is a great way to ensure a more COVID-safe trip.

Stay as Healthy as Possible

There’s something to be said for keeping your body and immune system strong and healthy enough to increase your chances of fighting off any virus you may come across. That means eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, spending some time in nature, and taking your supplements, like vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc, which can help boost your immune system. A healthy body is much more likely to handle the coronavirus if you are ever exposed to it and may even lessen the severity of symptoms in case you’re ever infected.

Consider Medical Coverage

Anything can happen at any time and anywhere. If you, or any other member of your traveling party, becomes sick or injured while on holiday, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some financial assistance to back you up. And health sharing ministries can be that financial cushion you need. Medical practitioners anywhere in the country can see members of health sharing ministries when a medical situation arises on vacation since members have access to extensive networks of participating healthcare providers nationally. Whether you currently do not have health coverage or are thinking of making a switch from your health insurance policy, health sharing ministries may be an affordable and flexible option to consider. Get in touch with a representative from UHSM today to discuss your options to share the health.