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Finding hobbies as we age


Finding Hobbies as we Age: 

Growing Into the Next Phase of Life 

Celebrate National Hobby Month: It’s never too late to take on a hobby  

As we usher in January with new year’s resolutions and goals, why not pick up a new hobby? With January being National Hobby Month, Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM) encourages those nearing or who have recently retired, to incorporate a hobby into their life. 

Retirement is a great time to explore some new hobbies, or pick up an old hobby that you may have forgotten about. No matter your budget and particular interests, there are many enjoyable activities you can take up to keep active as you age!


The history of the hobby 

From childish to well-respected   

The origins of a “hobby” can be traced as far back as the 16th century when children would play with a small horse / pony toy, referred to as a hobbyhorse. There, hobbies became synonymous with being a child-like pastime, as they regularly passed the time playing.  

It wasn’t until the breakthrough of industrial society in the 18th century that the term escaped this correlation. It began to gain respectability as retaining a worthwhile purpose for individuals. Since then, taking on a hobby – or hobbies – has been seen as an opportunity to fill spare time with something that sparks joy and critical thinking. 


Hobbies to start now… 

And last a lifetime!  

Once associated with young people, older generations have widely accepted attaining a hobby, especially as they enter retirement. Retirees rely on hobbies to help them transition to this next phase of life, bringing them a sense of accomplishment. Hobbies have even been tied improvements for seniors ranging from lowering blood pressure to improving heart health and decreasing the possibility of cognitive decline. They also have the potential to reach multiple generations, sparking a lifelong love for creativity and learning by introducing hobbies like solving puzzles to grandchildren.  

Connect in Community, Connect with others! 


Don’t know where to start?  

A few hobbies to explore  

While you can wait for retirement to pick a hobby up, this National Hobby Month, explore the many types of artistic, analytical and physical hobbies that may spark joy in you. 

1. Learn something new:   

Retirement is the perfect opportunity for you to stop putting off discovering a new language or instrument. By using all parts of the brain, music has been found to decrease memory loss in adults aged 60 to 85, increasing cognitive functions. The same can be said for incorporating an unfamiliar language into your daily life.   

Studies reveal that early onset Alzheimer’s can be delayed, helping you better cope with the disease. The best part is there are apps, videos, and other forms of instruction for you to learn effortlessly.   

2. Take an exercise class: 

As the saying goes, “a body in motion stays in motion.” There are plenty of low-impact classes to sign up for, including martial arts or tai chi. Not only do these provide an excellent outlet for physical health, but they also heighten mental awareness of one’s surroundings.   

Particularly, tai chi has been linked to reducing chronic pain, and its meditative qualities can enhance the quality of sleep.    

3. Book a flight, bus or train getaway:   

One popular retirement hobby is traveling. With added time on your schedule, you can finally book a ticket to your dream destination. This can also be a time to explore your ancestry and where your heritage originated.  

For a short trip, retirees can easily book a bus tour or a cruise, which many prefer for its versatility and affordability. Most cruise companies offer a senior discount of exclusive pricing for those 55 and older or with an AARP membership.  


Find a favorite & stay active 

Passion is needed at every level of one’s life 

Whether you’re looking to get some fresh air or spend some time indoors, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged before and during one’s transition into retired life.  

10 More Ideas to Get Started: 

Activities for Outdoors: 

  1. Gardening 
  2. Bird-Watching 
  3. Hiking 
  4. Photography 
  5. Water-walking  


Activities for Indoors: 

  1. Woodworking 
  2. Painting 
  3. Knitting 
  4. Learn a new language 
  5. Play an instrument  


Retirement is the perfect time to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do, so don’t be afraid to explore and find something that you love!


What retirement might look like for you 

Programs that focus on wellness 

When planning for retirement financially, carve out time to plan the next stage of life through a mental, physical, and spiritual wellness lens. UHSM and WeShare programs provide an array of annual wellness and preventative care options with the support of partners like Noom and FitBod.  


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