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Get Involved in the Lives of Loved Ones: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to engage in community-wide activities, inform loved ones of the facts about breast cancer and encourage people to take proactive measures. 

While no month is more valuable than others, there are ways you can get involved this October 2022, as various non-profits organize special events and coordinate over recognized holidays, October is widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us as we work side-by-side to tackle, talk-about, and bring awareness for Breast Cancer prevention and proactivity.  

Read on for more info. on how to get involved, be engaged, and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 

Get Engaged: 7 Dates in October to Add to Your Calendar 

1. October 13: National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day 

Metastatic Breast Cancer or MBC is stage four breast cancer, which has spread to other areas of the body like the brain, bones and lungs. Although there is no cure for MBC, treatment at this stage focuses on enhancing the patient’s quality of life. Raising awareness of MBC is key to ensuring patients have the highest quality of life possible, helping them maximize their time with loved ones. 

2. October 17: Mammogram Pledge Day 

The earlier breast cancer gets detected, the higher the survival rate, which is why women older than forty must strive to have a mammogram every year. Likewise, women over twenty should have an annual well-woman exam and discuss their personal risk of breast cancer based on family history with their doctor. On October 17, you can join the growing number of women and pledge to get an annual mammogram.   

3. October 18: World Menopause Day 

 As a woman ages, her reproductive hormones decline until she experiences her last menstrual cycle. During this time, she could undergo hot flashes, mood changes and trouble sleeping, resulting in anxiety and depression. Moreover, after menopause, a woman is more at risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers, making it important to observe healthy aging practices. 

4. October 20: Share in Early Detection Day 

In the free guide, 3 Steps to Early Detection, the National Breast Cancer Foundation identifies three proactive steps you can take to increase your chances with early detection. Celebrate October 20 by downloading this invaluable free guide. You can also use this engaging, free guide as a conversation starter, friendly prompt, and motivational reminder to talk with those you love about staying on top of your health and wellness, lifelong. Part of wellness includes regular, proactive approaches to health.  

5. October 21: National Mammography Day 

Women can oftentimes put off their regular mammogram, let’s be honest ladies, it’s not the best thing in the world… But… It’s important to go and get your regular exams, as well as to regularly complete a self-examination for any lumps, discoloration, or potential issues. Mark your calendar and make a point of scheduling your mammogram (before the year ends)! If you have already scheduled your mammogram, take the opportunity to spread the word to others in your life, emphasizing the necessity of regular health screenings. 

6. October 22: National Make a Difference Day 

In 1992, USA Weekend magazine created Make a Difference Day to support volunteerism across the country. Since its launch, the initiative has inspired over 30 million volunteer hours – today, 30 countries observe the holiday. You can make a difference by referring someone you know with a cancer diagnosis to Cancer Kinship, a member UHSM’s community partner network. Or, check out our community partners to make a difference through volunteering.  

7. October 23: National Mother-in-Law Day 

National Mother-in-Law Day celebrates the other moms in our lives, as well as brings into focus the need to honor the women who have welcomed us into their families. As a vital part of our lives, it’s important we always include all women in our lives in the breast cancer discussion in October. 

Be Proactive and Take Preventative Steps 

Knowledge is part of the battle against breast cancer, so use this month to educate yourself & your loved ones… 

On the facts of breast cancer. Likewise, take October to utilize UHSM’s mind, body and spirit wellness programs which can minimize the harmful effects of a cancer diagnosis like depression and anxiety. 

Join us Every Day this Week 

WeShare in resources, ways to get involved, how to stay connected, and tips for wellness… 

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month  

Christian women in our community, know that you are seen, loved, cared for, and supported every step of the way. WeShare further connects resources to those working through breast cancer through Cancer Kinship, an organization founded by UHSM Ambassador Yolanda Origel. Affectionately called “Yoli,” is a superstar in her community, connecting resources, support, and love to those in-need; Yoli builds others up through empowerment and storytelling. Learn how to connect, support, or volunteer with Cancer Kinship, today! 

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