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Give back to the community


Give Back to the Community This Christmas:  

Christmas Season Greetings  

As Christmas inches closer, Unite Health Share Ministries reminds the community of an important Christian principle:  


Servitude is selflessness for others, a willingness in heart, mind, and body, to drop one’s own desires, interests, or needs, in order to attend to another… We are asked, called to be selfless as Christians. We are asked to give our time, tithing, and trust towards goodwill and humanity; God will always bless those that bless others.   

Enriching Lives through KidWorks Christmas Store  

We invite you to donate or volunteer at the Annual KidWorks Christmas Store. Based in Santa Ana, California, KidWorks is a nonprofit providing a festive Christmas experience for underserved families in the community.  

Unfortunately, many families in central Santa Ana are not always financially able to purchase Christmas gifts. 

KidWorks provides a dignified & practical way for parents to afford presents for their children.     

Read-on for 5 Ways to Get Involved this Christmas and Give Back to the Community! 


Inflation Affects Everyone  

Even Santa Claus  

Considering the economic woes of this past year, lower-income communities are always hit the hardest by inflation. Grocery prices climbed 12.4% this past year, with fruits and vegetables undergoing the largest increase. Rent has also increased exponentially, jumping 8.8% this last year. 

Undoubtedly, with these surges, every family is cutting back, but Christmas gifts are especially off the table for those struggling to afford necessities.  

Bless Others in Your Community 

It can seem that everyone is hurting in some way, with some folks dealing with a little more than others this season, but we ALWAYS have a reason to feel blessed, grateful, and thankful for what we DO have…   

Even when we have what seems like, nothing to smile about, we can always remember that in the darkest of hours, in the darkest of times, God is there holding us in His hands. The light of Jesus Christ is not a light that everyone has, but we are blessed beyond measure for what we do have as Christians, that which will lead us into the afterlife.  

If you cannot donate monetarily this season, make some time to volunteer, or help others in your community: see a need, fill a need. It’s amazing how one action can leave a lasting imprint on one’s heart, all you have to do is remember to be…  

Selfless in all you do! 


Sharing in Christmas Blessing with KidWorks 

Making a Major Impact in the Community  

Through the KidWorks Christmas Store, families can purchase gifts for their children at a reduced rate. Every donated gift, present, and gift card, regardless of “value,” gets priced at $5, enabling parents to provide for their children without receiving pre-selected gifts for free, eliminating the need to visit donation lines. 

Community supporters can donate their time through volunteer hours or financially via toys for kids of either gender. KidWorks will also collect and add all proceeds to the benevolence fund, which provides further monetary assistance and other support to families in serious need or experiencing a crisis. Additionally, KidWorks compiled a toy list on Amazon and will accept direct donations to Santa Ana KidWorks through the convenience of its Amazon Wishlist link online. 


How can UHSM Members Get Involved?  

5 Ways to Get Involved Directly 

UHSM encourages members and the whole community to bless the Santa Ana public this Christmas by donating and volunteering through KidWorks and the larger Ignite YLP programs. Here are some of the many ways to help: 

  1. Donate new or unused and unwrapped toys and gift cards to KidWorks, 1902 W. Chestnut Ave., Santa Ana, CA, by December 19, 2022. 
  2. Host a toy drive for the Christmas store. We invite your church ministry, company, service organization and family to do so! 
  3. Shop or donate directly via the Amazon LINK. 
  4. Make a financial gift to KidWorks towards the purchase of toys. 
  5. Volunteer with setup and cleanup at the in-person store held at the KidWorks, Dan Donahue Center on Dec. 19 and 20. To sign up, email: 
For more information, email Beckie White at 


Next Week, Continuing with Spiritual Literacy Month: 

“Christmas and The True Season of Christ” 

WeShare in a community that is uplifting, caring, and rooted in faith! 

“You and your family may be at a point in the year where you are looking for the best and most affordable program for healthcare. And that’s where WeShare by UHSM comes in. WeShare is not traditional health insurance, and that’s a good thing because together, when we share our burdens as a community, we are living a life according to what we are called to do as Christians,” said Brittney Moses, member, and Ambassador of UHSM. 

WeShare members have admission to the largest, independent PPO PHCS network in America, with access to over 1.2 million doctors and specialists. Not only that, but members can also access pharmacy services at over 68,000 locations, nation-wide. WeShare is so much more, WeShare as a community and truly care for our members with a holistic approach to wellness, one which focuses on a preventative and proactive approach to one’s well-being.    

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