How Member-to-Member Medical Cost Sharing Programs Work

Wondering how member-to-member health sharing works? We’ll explain. To start, Health Sharing is NOT Insurance. These programs are member-based fellowships where faithful people exercise their right to take charge of their own healthcare. 

In health sharing, monthly share contributions are used to share other member’s medical expenses. Not all health sharing programs are designed the same, but member-to-member sharing in the UHSM community is AWESOME! Here’s how …

When a member contributes the monthly share amount, UHSM records the contribution and deposits funds into escrow on each member’s behalf. Member statements show how contributions helped share for eligible medical expenses of other members.

For UHSM members that need healthcare, it’s easy. Members simply present their UHSM card to participating providers at the time of service and take care of consult fees or costs outlined by their program.

Finding care at a great price is also easy because UHSM sought out the PHCS PPO & CVS Caremark networks to leverage their size and pricing for our members—sometimes saving them up to 50% on medical costs.

These participating care networks have agreed to charge UHSM members for medical services at pre-negotiated rates. With the help of Third-Party Sharing Administrators, UHSM coordinates provider statements and member Share Requests. Each medical cost-sharing request is analyzed and marked as Eligible for sharing, Follow-up Required, or Ineligible for sharing.

If Eligible for Sharing, UHSM calculates the sharing costs, notes member ledgers, and authorizes escrow disbursement so that members can share one another’s medical needs. A member-to-member sharing statement is automatically generated for all members involved in the sharing event, whether contributing or receiving.

That’s how UHSM facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians. We serve as a connector, we administer the cost-sharing program and help members support each other. Together, we strive to improve the complex and expensive world of healthcare.



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