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Seeking medical attention from a doctor. Making good choices in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle are key to maintaining optimal health. However, sometimes issues can arise that require the care of a healthcare professional. Even when nothing is wrong, it’s still wise to schedule a doctor’s visit on a regular basis to make sure all is well. On the next trip to your provider, there are things you can do to ensure an optimal visit. Here are just a few:

Go in With a List of Written Questions

You might have a number of questions that you want to ask your physician, but when you’re finally face-to-face, it’s easy to forget some of them. Rather than relying solely on memory, make sure to write your questions down so nothing goes unasked. Be sure to jot down answers as your physician gives them to you so you don’t forget and will have something to reference later.

Be Open About Your Family Health History

Your doctor can gain important insight into your health by understanding the history of your family’s health. For instance, a history of cancer or heart disease might put you at greater risk for these diseases, and your doctor will be able to better establish a strategy for you to avoid such ailments, or at least deal with them more effectively if they do occur.

Be Honest about Your Ailments

It’s not uncommon for patients not to be entirely forthcoming about their medical situation. This may be out of fear of the reactions of the doctor or out of embarrassment. Whatever the case may be, being completely honest about your health situation is crucial so that the physician can make an accurate diagnosis and provide the right course of action to handle your situation.

Meeting with a doctor.
A health share program may be a more affordable way to cover the costs associated with medical care.

Bring Your Medications

If you visit the same doctor at every visit and have been doing so for years, your physician may already know what medications you take. However, if you are taking prescription medications that have been prescribed by another doctor, the physician you are currently visiting won’t have any record of them. It’s wise to show up at your doctor’s appointments with your current medications, which will help the doctor understand both what you’re taking and the dosage.

Bring a Friend

Sometimes, medical appointments can be intimidating and confusing. Perhaps you are the type to be apprehensive about visiting the doctor, or maybe you need some help understanding the medical information your physician is providing. A friend or family member who is present can provide you with support, but they can also help explain things to you and help you make specific decisions about your health care and treatment. This can be especially helpful if you are being given the news about a new diagnosis or changes to the medications you need to take.

Consider Payment Through Membership in a Health Share Program

If you are looking to avoid having to pay high health insurance deductibles and premiums, a health share program can be a more cost-effective way to cover the costs associated with medical care. Members of a Christian health share program often pay less for healthcare than those who choose traditional insurance, and they also benefit from more flexibility and freedom in their healthcare choices. UHSM offers various health share program levels to suit several needs and budgets. Reach out today to find out more about what UHSM offers and to discuss your family’s healthcare needs. Click here to see how much you can save with a health share program.