kids running and smiling
Parents may need to come up with some savvy ways to keep their kids active as school starts.

Summer goes by quickly, and while kids are still enjoying these last few weeks playing and spending time outdoors, school is right around the corner. The beginning of the school year usually comes with a drastic drop in physical activity as kids trade in their free play time for a more structured classroom environment.

With school soon approaching, parents may start to worry about the significant decrease in physical activity their children will be getting as they park themselves indoors and get down to their studies. 

Admittedly, encouraging kids to stay physically active can be a bit of a chore. Luckily, there are some savvy ways for parents to keep their kids motivated to move their bodies, despite the shorter days, colder temperatures, and more time spent inside.

1. Choose Age-Appropriate Activities

Make sure that whatever activity you choose for your kids is age-appropriate. For instance, a 2-mile run might be great for 11- or 12-year-olds, but might not be so fun — or safe — for 6-year-olds. When choosing a sport or game for your kids, be sure that it’s suitable for their age group.

2. Dedicate Time For Activity

Kids can easily get overburdened with school, homework, and other planned activities. In this case, it can seem nearly impossible to have time to be active. Pencil in some time every day for physical activity so it becomes part of your kids’ schedule and eventually will become second nature to them.

3. Incorporate Prizes

Add in some rewards when your kids reach certain milestones in their activity. For instance, a prize might await your kids after crossing a finish line, scoring a goal, or reaching goals for strength.

kids playing with bubbles
Make sure you pick age-appropriate activities for your kids to keep movement fun and safe.

4. Check Out Videos on YouTube

These days, there’s no shortage of kid-approved videos on YouTube that incorporate physical activity with fun and music. Your choices are practically limitless for videos on this platform that will get your kids moving and having fun while doing it.

5. Make an Activity Spin Wheel or Dice

Come up with an array of activities for your kids to do, and make a dice or spin wheel to help them choose which activity they perform. Gamification like this helps keep your kids’ enthusiasm at a high.

6. Participate in Pure Game

Not only are kids who are going back to school suddenly faced with fewer opportunities to stay physically active but they may also be dealing with feelings of depression and anxiety, especially as we continue to deal with the fallout of the pandemic. But Pure Game was established to handle these types of issues.

Pure Game is a non-profit sports-based learning program that incorporates social and emotional aspects to play. The goal of the program is to help encourage kids to get physical activity, encourage school attendance, build character, develop life skills, and see themselves in a more positive light.

Thousands of children in schools across Orange County, CA have already successfully participated in these programs, and UHSM is proud to be part of funding efforts. UHSM believes in a holistic approach to health, and Pure Game checks all the boxes when it comes to nurturing the physical, social, mental, and emotional health of children.

If you are looking for an organization that truly cares about the health and well-being of your entire family, then UHSM may just be the perfect fit for you. This health sharing ministry offers a more affordable and flexible option than traditional health insurance, and an increasing number of people are making the switch. To find out about UHSM programs, get in touch with a representative today and learn how to share the health.