SUMMARY: What role does faith play in mental wellness and why should you integrate both into your daily life? Read on to find out.



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If faith is a big part of your life, it should always be included in your efforts to strengthen your mental health.

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your physical body.  Yet many people don’t always put forth the same amount of effort and attention they give to physical health to mental health.  Often, mental health takes a back seat.

For believers, the element of faith should be incorporated into mental wellness. In fact, leaving faith out of the equation when it comes to caring for your mental health would be unheard of.

While Christians have already long understood the importance of faith and mental health, even the secular world is coming to appreciate the combination of the two. Over the past few years, researchers have increasingly been acknowledging the positive impact that faith can have on mental health.

Be Mindful of How You Think

The things you think about and allow to fill your mind have a significant impact on your mental well-being. Caring for your mental health should involve being watchful of what you let into your head and permit to fester. Negative thoughts can influence your reality, which is why it’s so important to control what you think.

Make time for activities that stimulate you mentally and be proactive about things that can help you stay mentally healthy. Have an inner dialogue with yourself and include acceptance and self-compassion while doing so.

Add God to this dialogue you have with yourself in the form of prayer. Talking to Him at various points throughout the day can help you stay spiritually connected.

Meditate with Purpose

Take a few minutes of time out of your day every day to meditate. Not only can meditating allow you to focus your mind on specific things, but it can also help bring you to a higher level of consciousness. But as a person of faith, meditating should also involve focusing on the Word. Spend that few minutes focusing specifically on Scripture.

“Blessed is the one … who meditates on his law day and night.” ~Psalm 1:1-2

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Meditating on the Word a few minutes a day can do wonders for your mental health and your faith.

Take a More Holistic Stance on Your Life and Health

It may be easier to place emphasis on your physical health than on your mental health, but it’s crucial to focus on both. In fact, you should take things a step further and incorporate your spiritual health into the picture for a more holistic view of health. A “mind, body, spirit” approach is essential for overall health and wellness.

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