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UHSM has partnered with Cornbread Hustle and Cheri Garcia to promote a “Kingdom-Minded” workplace

Cheri Garcia, Founder of Cornbread Hustle, hosted an incredible event on September 30th. This event aimed to share the importance of faith in business. Cheri’s goal is not to create “religious companies”. Instead, her mission is to create “Kingdom Minded” companies. UHSM is beyond humbled and proud to be a part of Cheri’s mission and we are thrilled to share this amazing event with you.

Here at UHSM we consistently promote and share our faith. We want to encourage you to share your faith in all aspects of your life, including the workplace. As hard-working people, we spend most of our time at work, therefore, we should be expressing our Christian lifestyle in our workplace as well as in our homes.

To be clear, the goal is not to convert your peers to our belief system. Faith at work means you are real, genuine, and living out what you believe with your whole heart. There are countless ways to live out our faith in the workplace. Examples are as simple as striving for excellence, supporting and forgiving others, being grateful and humble, and, of course, praying. Let us not be ashamed, let us be vocal and bring kingdom to the workplace.

Many businesses have taken a faith-based approach and have encouraged their employees to do so as well. In-N-Out Burger, Tyson Foods, Alaska Air, Hobby Lobby, Whole Foods, and many more have brought faith into their business and have had success doing so. Do business with companies that are not afraid to express their faith. Support those who are on the same faith journey as you and be open to those who are learning.

Let us all learn, share our faith, and walk together with God.


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