Leaving For The Holidays? Ensure Your Home Is Safe While You’re Gone

Many of us hit the road during the holidays. Whether we visit family or head out for a relaxing vacation, we leave our house unattended. A vacant house attracts temptation. Burglaries increase during the holiday season because of empty houses and package delivery.

Our mission at UHSM is to deliver peace of mind. Nothing is more stressful than worrying about your home while you are visiting family or relaxing on a beach. Here are some tips to make your house burglar-repellent while you are away.

 Lock it. Double-check all doors are locked. Don’t forget the windows.

 Clear out secret keys. Everyone hides keys. But when you leave, give them to a neighbor for emergencies. Thieves are smart enough to look under your mat and fake rock.

 Announce it (discreetly). Don’t advertise on Social Media. Discreetly tell a friend or neighbor. Give them your contact info and have them check on the house. Even better find someone willing to house-sit.

 Stop the packages. Unless a neighbor can gather the mail or packages, stop them. The post office can put a hold on mail, and you can re-route or avoid other deliveries. A porch full of packages is a magnet for thieves.

 Eliminate temptation. If you can see unwrapped gifts and boxes in your windows, you’ve placed a shiny object in front of a would-be burglar. Place any tempting items out of sight.


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