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Times of change

Masters of the Home:

Managing Life in Times of Change

Let’s face it ladies, there’s a lot going on every single day. Between managing one’s home, family, and profession, there’s never enough hours in the day. Now, more than ever, managing one’s home is messy, a guarantee to be different than in past years.

Through and through, women come out strong, masters of their home, their family…

Here are our favorite tips to manage your home after times of change:

Mastering Home Life After Major Change:

Guided by the Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection

1. Mental Care Through Change:

  • Have patience for yourself– You are a work in progress
  • Revel in regularity, routine, & the art of practice– Think of the mantra: slow & steady wins the race
  • Set aside time to start afresh, even if you lose your cool

2. Building A Resilient Body Through Change:

  • Build tolerance & growth through change by adding physical activity to your routine
  • Let one small change, one extra step today, compound & build into lifelong wellness
  • Physical activities can be mindful & thoughtful moments

3. Connecting with God in Times of Change:

  • Give your worries, your burdens, & your sorrow to God– No problem is too big for Him
  • Have faith that God has your best interest in-mind– When God closes one door, he opens another
  • Pray & connect with God over the tools you need to grow– God wants us to have a growth mindset

Read on for in-depth tips & helpful reminders to motivate & inspire:

1. Mental Care –

Have patience for yourself:

You are a work in progress, you are only human, you are flawed, but forgiven in God’s eyes. When God sent His only son to die on the cross for our sin, He sent us a gift. God has given us the ability to give-up any shame, regret, fear, hurt, worry, or any other negative emotion; we can rest assured that God holds no fear or worry over our struggles and will forever hold out a hand to hold us in times of need.

Revel in regularity, routine, & the art of practice:

In hard times, mitigate negative emotions and feelings by regular routine. Practice your routine as if you would an instrument, a new sport, driving… Tackle difficult emotions, times, and persevere by creating routine and practicing it every day. And part of having patience for yourself includes understanding that: maybe a small routine is a better way to start, rather than one which is ambitious at first. Set yourself up for success with realistic goals!

Set aside time to start afresh, even if you lose your cool:

Take a moment for deep breathing, take a moment to release stress, fear, worry, or any negative emotion, even if that means only during your bathroom break. Sometimes it can be impossible to have a moment to oneself, much less get away, but take two seconds to release, to breath, to understand that the moment is fleeting, and that there are others that love you, care for you, and those that need you… The best version of you.

2. Building A Resilient Body Through Change –

Build tolerance & grow with physical activity:

Anything worth doing requires a bit of dedication, hard work, and consistency; through times of change, we can be molded by the change, use it as a catalyst for something bigger and better. Oftentimes, the crossroads of the next decision come through a challenge. The good news is that you can build up your resilience and tolerance to difficulty through physical activity. Let physical activity be the first step towards resilience.

Let one small change, one extra step today, compound into lifelong wellness:

Don’t try to change too quickly, especially when your world is already a bit chaotic. Tasks that are familiar to us can be extremely comforting, but by changing one small aspect of your life –whether that’s choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a bit further out at a store for the extra steps, or even just adding 30-minutes of vigorous household cleaning— can lead to lifelong wellness and healthy habits. One small change today can inspire and motivate growth, change, and wellness for the future.

Physical activities can be mindful & thoughtful moments:

Physical activity is amazing for the body, not just for one’s physique, but in so many different ways. Activities that are repetitive are known for being great moments to dwell in one’s mind and let your thoughts wander. And wander away, because the mind, body, and spiritual connecting really comes through during your trip to the gym!

3. Connecting with God in Times of Change –

Give your worries, your burdens, & your sorrow to God:

There is only so much you can hold onto before you blow… That’s true for everyone, some folks just have a longer fuse than others. Your best bet: be like a water heater. No, seriously… When your pressure starts to get high, you have to let off some steam, some hot water, some pressure! God encourages us to pray regularly to Him, this in itself can be a way of releasing the daily pressure as it builds, preventing a ‘boom.’

Have faith that God has your best interest in-mind:

Sometimes life can seem pretty hopeless. In a moment, it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In those moments, if you can remember nothing else, remember that God has a plan for you. While we cannot see the path that is in front of us, God has our best interest in-mind. We can always be grateful and blessed, looking back at all of the challenges we have overcome, that God always came through.

Pray & connect with God over the tools you need to grow:

When you are born, you aren’t given all the tools that you will need to succeed, but rather, you gain tools through adversity and add them to your tool chest to use, as needed. Empathy, respect, kindness, honesty, any form of virtue is built-on, and as humans, we are flawed beings, no where near perfect. God asks that we reflect on who we are as a person, the traits, skills, and tools that we need to grow into better individuals; we want to reflect the wonder and light that is God, and God will challenge us, arm us, and comfort us on this.

By being just a bit more mindful about one’s journey, especially through times of change, can really help to further ground and connect you to God, your family, and the daily routine; instead of monotony, find joy, peace, love, kindness, and happiness through the steady flow that is life.

Take advantage of the opportunity that challenge brings, as growth can be both rewarding and empowering for a lifelong result.

Remember, change can be a good thing!

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