Gratitude Month

Manage your Mental Health this Gratitude Month:  

Contented, Uplifted, & Grateful  

Guest Author, Brittney Moses 

It’s National Gratitude Month, and in the spirit of gratitude, I’d like to open with one of my favorite passages of scripture: Philippians 4:12 

“I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.” 

To me, I can really relate to this verse, as I am sure many have you have as well. We’ve all had seasons within our lives where there is little to go around, and other seasons, where life has been plentiful or just enough.  

But I believe the person who is truly free in this world, has learned how to stay rooted in all situations. To be able to say: ‘whether I gain or lose, I know who I am, I know who God is, I know what matters most, and at the end of the day, I can be secure in that.’  

Anything else is an added blessing! 

Did you know? 

Did you know that many psychologists believe that having a cultural thinking when it comes to a life of excess, abundance, or needing to do more, have more, and be more, in order to be someone of value in this world…  

This very fact is what’s making many of us more anxious and less satisfied with life in general as a society! 

How do you value happiness? 

Researchers in Psychology have done studies on the “Paradoxical Effects of Valuing Happiness,” which states that the more people value happiness, the less likely they will be in obtaining happiness. 

Focusing too much on happiness can backfire and actually reduce feelings of happiness. 

Impact Bias– 

The downfall of happiness 

Impact bias is when someone focuses too heavily on happiness; people can overestimate how intense and how long their emotional reaction will be to future events. 

Think about it: 

 We can hold limiting beliefs through our impact bias: We can hold a thought that, once we have a house, we can finally reach the ultimate happiness for our lives. But it can become where we are consumed with having to keep up with paying the mortgage or rent. 

Maybe we think that once we have more social media followers, that that will make us happier. When in reality, we have become responsible for continuously producing content or information for that audience, rather than reflecting our inner-selves, we’ve molded ourselves to our audience.  

Maybe if we have the latest technological gadget that will make us happy…until the next upgraded version of that gadget comes out, with newer and better features…  

The list goes on and on when we begin seeing our life in this constant deficit, needing to work hard, stress, or even envy over something else…  

But in reality, by time we achieve these things in the future there are so many other things in the world that we’re then focused on, rather than living life according to God’s will. 

We have this tendency to habituate advancement in our lives, for every circumstance.  

We get used to the things that we once wish we had. The things that we desperately hoped and prayed for, become overlooked. They become our norm. And so, this constant striving to use external things to bring ourselves internal, is worth becoming a moving target, where we are never truly satisfied with our lives. 

And this is NOT how God wants us to live our lives! 

Paul is trying to tell us something in Philippians 4:12…  

“I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it’s with plenty or with little.”  

In other words, we can be uplifted with a simple mantra: I am anchored, I am standing firm in who I am called and created to be, regardless of what my circumstances may look like. 

And not only that, but I can also be content, I can be uplifted, I can be grateful for all God has given me. 


On the Topic of Gratitude: 

4 reasons to be more grateful 

And it’s not just a thought, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle. 

A regular practice where we’re able to be present and pause and slow down long enough to see God’s goodness that exists in and over our lives. We will either look for ways to affirm our shortcomings or seek ways to trust God and be grateful for what we do have and what he’s doing in our lives. 

So the question is, what have you been focusing on lately? 

Is there anything that has been robbing your focus, your ability to pause and look around, to just be content? 

Take this closing time to actually close your eyes and meditate on three things that you once prayed for, that you once hoped for that you now have. Bring that back into your awareness and just personally in your own space appreciate those things those people and give thanks to God. 

God has surrounded you with what you need. Because He cares for you.  

It’s up to us to recognize it with love, with patience, and with humility every day. 

And that’s how you add gratitude to your life, every day.  

About the Guest Author: 

Brittney Moses, 

UHSM Ambassador, Mental Health Author, Lifestyle Content Creator, & Faith Advocate 

 Ambassador of UHSM, Brittney Moses is a mental health Author, Lifestyle Content Creator, and Advocate over integrating faith, culture, and wellness into one’s life. A mom and Los Angeles native, Brittney walks in-faith, using an informed approach to mental health. She is deeply seated in compassion for those she serves, from churches to youth non-profit ministries, Brittney Moses is a NAMI-certified Support Group Facilitator and Crisis Textline Counselor. Brittney Moses encourages others through a variety of mental health crises, and helps others through practical, holistic, and an evidence-based approach. Her latest publication and book, Worthy, helps others to focus on clarity and peace every day. 


You can grab your very own copy of Worthy directly on the Amazon book marketplace! 

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