Fight off Jet Lag, Stay Healthy when Traveling with My Flight Pack

UHSM has partnered with My Flight Pack to help our members travel healthy. Traveling can come with a lot of stress on our overall health. Anytime you cross one or more time zones, your body is fighting fatigue and dehydration, which lowers your immune system and puts your health at risk. My Flight Pack helps your body fight back.


   Do you travel often or have a big trip coming up? 

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Traveling doesn’t have to be exhausting

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Health Dangers of Traveling

Coronavirus aside, extensive travel can be hazardous to your health. As we fly across time zones, we experience a misaligned circadian rhythm which causes jet lag and exhaustion. The nutrition and training experts at ERW, makers of My Flight Pack, caution that many people don’t realize we also experience intense dehydration as a result of spending several hours in the low humidity, low pressure environment that you find in an airplane cabin. Dehydration is the main reason travellers experience other side effects, such as loss of concentration and short term memory, mood swings, dry eyes, dry or oily skin, swollen hands, feet and ankles, headaches and sometimes even more serious health issues. These “jet lag” symptoms can be dangerous if not adequately addressed.

Use My Flight Pack to re-energize, recover and help you focus on the day ahead after a long flight. It’s easy, just mix with water and drink before, during and after your flights.

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