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National Day of Giving










National Day of Giving:  

Nonprofit Organizations Need You! 

The National Day of Giving is part of Gratitude month and offers a chance for others to make a great impact in one’s local community, with one’s favorite nonprofit organization, or as a way of supporting charity even with a busy schedule. Here’s some history, inspiration, and uplifting thoughts about this year’s National Day of Giving! 
















Impact for the whole WeShare community: 

The history of the National Day of Giving & Giving Tuesday! 

GivingTuesday is an organization that “encourages people to do good,” by reimagining the world through a sense of shared humanity and generosity. Humanity and generosity are two platforms that we can get behind as Christians. GivingTuesday has built a network that collaborates year-round to inspire generosity on a global scale, with a core focus and mission to foster a world where kindness matters, a world where generosity is the norm.  

“Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give,” GivingTuesday. 

Read on: WeShare 4 ways you can also make a difference!  
















Connected in Christ: Sharing Care for a Community of Christians 

Featuring our 4 Favorite Nonprofits 

While not an expansive list of all the partners and nonprofits that we believe in and value, here are four great organizations and their related areas of support and care… 

Follow & Support to Make a Difference: 
  • Cancer Kinship – Cancer Survivor Empowerment  
  • Fireside Ministry – Leadership for Underserved Youth 
  • KidWorks – Education Support, Lifelong  
  • Grant Lottering – Laureus, Sport for Good Organization  

















1. Cancer Kinship – Cancer Survivor Empowerment  

Cancer Kinship recently held their annual “Brave, Bold, & Boundless Fashion Show,” this past Sunday, November 20, 2022. Event Director, Executive Director of Cancer Kinship, Yolanda Origel is an amazing survivor herself, and works tirelessly to bring fellowship, connection, and community to cancer patients in active treatment, as well as the survivor and thriver community. 

Cancer Kinship empowers courageous cancer warriors through sharing their stories, connecting in community, and through life-long friendships and support. The event was a culmination of Cancer Kinship’s six-week empowerment program that helps to transform fear into hope with all cancer models. While this year’s event has already occurred, you can still make a difference all winter long by donating directly to empowering cancer survivors: 

Donate Here! 


2. Fireside Ministry – Leadership for Underserved Youth 

Fireside impacts youth through their Ignite Youth Leadership Program (YLP), fireside huddles, and through mentoring and coaching with a Christ-centered viewpoint. Ignite YLP operates out of KidWorks facilities and are directly impacted through donations and contributions at the Dan Donahue, Townsend Street, and Cedar Evergreen Centers owned by KidWorks. 

Anthony Cummings, operator or Fireside and Ignite YLP has over 20 years of experience in guiding young people through their stories. Anthony’s background is in higher education, faith, religion, nonprofits, and within professional recreational sports. Anthony and his vision for impact are further supported with other nonprofit organizations and partnered community members. 


















3. KidWorks – Education Support, Lifelong  

For many of the central Santa Ana families KidWorks serves, being able to purchase Christmas gifts is often not financially possible. Their limited funds go to rent and groceries… Your help will help continue a wonderful two decades-long tradition of Christmas smiles! 

Here is how the Christmas gift program works for the parents of our students: Moms and dads purchase gifts for their sons and daughters at a discounted rate at the KidWorks Christmas Store. KidWorks then deposits these proceeds into our benevolence fund, which provides financial and other support to families when they are in serious need or experience a crisis.  

Here’s ways you can brighten the holidays for students: 


4. Grant Lottering – Laureus, Sport for Good Organization 

Motivational and extreme endurance cyclist and UHSM ambassador, Grant Lottering makes a difference across the world with his partnership and connection with Laureus South Africa and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. Grant Lottering, a South African himself, has partnered with Laureus to impact youth, Laureus South Africa has publicized that they support 30 programs in South Africa, impacting over 80,000 children, with larger Laureus programs helping children in over 35 countries around the world.  

Connect with Grant Lottering and donate with Laureus today!  
















Next Week: Spiritual Literacy Month 

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