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#FaithfulFriday: Shop Small, Make a Huge Difference.

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you a planner who starts shopping and hiding gifts around the house in early summer, or are you a last-minute shopper who pays extra for overnight shipping on December 21st every year?  Whatever your holiday shopping style is, what if you took a new approach this year and embraced the spirit of the season by shopping small?

We get it. It’s easy to shop on Amazon. Running low on toilet paper? Need lightbulbs or a quick gift? With two clicks and even less thought, the item you need/want/desire is delivered to your doorstep, often in 48 hours or less. WeShare and UHSM want to encourage you to shop small this season to make a huge difference.

Why Shop Small?

When you shop small it makes a difference economically. Small companies create 1.5 million jobs annually which accounts for a whopping 64% of all new jobs created in the United States.

Shopping locally does require more thought. Supporting small businesses is an intentional act — one that the mom and pop shops in your neighborhood desperately need you to make. Did you know that the money you spend in a small local business goes right back into your neighborhood, city and state.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, when you spend $100 at a small business, $48 stays in the community. Spend the same $100 at a big-box store or national retailer and only $14 stays. Why? Because local businesses rely on other local businesses.

Tens of thousands of small businesses closed over the past year, many of them permanently. Each closure leaves a void that goes deeper than an empty storefront. The community loses dollars, jobs and resources that now-shuttered business would have circulated back into the local economy.


Perks of shopping small


One of the biggest perks is being part of a community. Walking into places where you are recognized and appreciated makes our world a much happier place.  As humans we all crave connectedness and in your neighborhoods this need is easily fulfilled when you shop locally.

Unique Curated Gifts

Another perk about shopping small is the beautiful uniqueness that each business offers. From everything to how they brand their business to all of the items they have thoughtfully curated to make your experience more meaningful.


This is a big one.  Big stores tell you they are all about their customer service but yet how often do you really feel taken care of when you’re shopping in the chain stores?  When you shop small not only do the employee’s build relationships with you, but they genuinely want to help you. In small business we all understand that our relationship with the consumer is a partnership.  We select the merchandise we believe you’ll fall in love with and when you make purchases this allows us to afford the costs of being in business and to keep going.  Without each other it just simply doesn’t work.

Giving Back

Giving back to local charities is another perk to supporting small businesses. Most local businesses have a philanthropic heart and therefore donate some of their proceeds to support those less fortunate.


Tips for shopping small this holiday season

Many small shops say Shop Small Saturday is one of their biggest, often the biggest, day of the year. Patronizing them, particularly after the challenges they faced last year, will help ensure their unique contributions to their communities continues. Here are some tips for shopping small this year:

  • Downsize your shopping list – Instead of gifting multiple items to each person on your list, consider gifting one meaningful item that you buy from an artisan or small business owner to gift to a family on your list.
  • Ditch black Friday and Cyber Monday for Small Business Saturday – Many small businesses, makers, craftspeople, and artists run specials on their products during Small Business Saturday. Although most can’t offer huge discounts like larger stores, they do occasionally run sales to make it easier for customers to purchase.
  • Visit holiday pop-ups and markets – Holiday markets and bazaars are very popular this time of year. These events are full of local vendors selling their goods. You can find everything from one-of-a-kind housewares to painted art pieces that make for excellent gifts
  • Shop the internet – Almost all businesses regardless of how small they are, have a website. You can support local small businesses by searching online search terms such as “Retail stores near me” or “Florists near me”.
  • Think global, shop local – Just because a business isn’t down the street doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still support it. Sites such as Etsy and Instagram’s shop feature allow you to easily support small business mom and pop shops from all over.

A few of our favorite things

An Inspirational book by Brittney Moses: 

Brittney Moses is a mental health Author, Lifestyle Content Creator, and Advocate over integrating faith, culture, and wellness into one’s life. A mom and Los Angeles native, Brittney walks in-faith, using an informed approach to mental health. She is deeply seated in compassion for those she serves, from churches to youth non-profit ministries, Brittney Moses is a NAMI-certified Support Group Facilitator and Crisis Textline Counselor. Brittney Moses encourages othersthrough a variety of mental health crises, and helps others through practical, holistic, and an evidence-based approach. Her latest publication and book, Worthy, helps others to focus on clarity and peace every day and makes a great gift.  You can click here to order your copy of Worthy.

WeShare in Christmas at KidWorks:

For many of the central Santa Ana families KidWorks serves, being able to purchase Christmas gifts is often not financially possible. Their limited funds go to everyday essentials. Help us to brighten the holidays for those that need it most, helping to promote a tradition of Christmas smiles lasting over two decades!

WeShare in support, we also appreciate the added connection and care through Ignite YLP, which is facilitated through KidWorks. Interested in making a difference?

Please visit the KidWorks Christmas Store or contact KidWorks directly via email: beckie.white@kidworksoc.org

We hope you are inspired to shop small this holiday season to make a big difference


Stay Tuned for Next Weeks Blog:

National Day of Giving: Non-profit organizations need you!

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