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The National Sleep Foundation reports that 45% of Americans have poor sleep at least once a week and the CDC studies show that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. So a lot of us are a little tired, what’s the big deal? Turns out this is a HUGE PROBLEM! Medical professionals have discovered that poor sleep patterns lead to some of our most devastating health issues:

  • Heart disease, heart attack, and heart failure
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

On the reverse side, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that good sleep habits can boost your immunity and overall mental well-being while staving off these dangerous health issues. Ask any Olympic or professional athlete how they prepare for the biggest moments of their lives and they’ll always include “get good sleep” at the top of the list.

So if you want to be healthy and operate at your peak, invest in good sleep. Luckily, a host of companies are emerging to help you do just that. App of the Year Calm helps millions mediate and sleep daily. Innovative beds like The Pod from EightSleep provide comfort-monitored sleep. And smart headphones from Kokoon are clinically tested to get you to sleep, and keep you there. Here’s a closer look at how Kokoon improves Sleep Health, and a special offer for our members.




Audio: The Answer to Great Sleep

Scientists have been investigating the impact of audio on relaxation and sleep for a long time and have found some interesting results: listening to audio can help improve not only your sleep quality but also the length of time it takes to fall asleep and the total amount of sleep you get daily.

The problem with getting good sleep is the increasingly noisy and stressful world we live in today. Kokoon helps users sleep by providing a unique and intelligent audio experience that includes:

  • COMFORT – Effective sleep headphones with low-profile earcups minimize pillow displacement and disperse pressure. To achieve this effect, silicone molds are sometimes used to create longer, more oval-shaped earcups that fit snugly around the user’s head. This is especially important for side-sleeping (the most common sleeping position). Low-profile earcups ensure that when a person sleeps on their side, any pressure from the headphones is evenly spread to other parts of the head and not concentrated through the ears. Breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties prevent sweat and keep the user comfortable.
  • NOISE-CANCELLING TECHNOLOGY – These headphones reduce background noise by creating sound waves that block unwanted sounds. This active noise control is an essential element for all good sleep headphones, keeping users asleep longer. Noise-canceling headphones do not block out high-frequency sounds emitted from alarms, however.
  • SLEEP SENSOR TECHNOLOGY -Kokoon headphones are equipped with EEG sensors that monitor the user’s brainwaves. By monitoring the user’s sleep patterns and recording sleep cycles, the Kokoon app learns vital information about how a person sleeps and responds to audio. “By using the sensor data that’s sent from the headphones to the app, the app can control the audio to match the person’s sleep stage. So it could turn down the audio they’ve been listening to and bring in some white noise, that will protect them while sleep, for example.”
  • PLAY ALL AUDIO AT PREMIUM QUALITY – From white noise to cognitive distraction exercises, many types of audio can help a person fall asleep. Kokoon sleep headphones are equipped with full audio capabilities – as opposed to pre-loaded noise-masking sleepbuds – and can be used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) programs.

You owe it to yourself and loved ones to commit to better sleep health this year. We hope this holiday gift offer from Kokoon helps you achieve AWESOME* sleep!

– UHSM Healthy Rewards Team


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