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We all seek to connect with faith in our everyday lives authentically and meaningfully. Some in our WeShare community are just setting out on a journey to find and follow God. Others may have wandered off the road, trying to find their way back. Still, others have been lifelong followers, seeking to grow deeper in their faith. No matter where you are on your path, we are all on a spiritual journey.

There are so many sources surrounding us, from social media, advertising, family, friends, and the bible, that can help or hinder our progress. With all these voices, who should we listen to throughout our spiritual journey? How can we find the answers to our questions about ourselves, our life, our faith, and our path?

Regardless of where you think you are on the path, now is the time to begin your spiritual journey toward a life of faith. Living as a Christian means seeing ourselves as God sees us while striving to live the life God would want us to live. Check out these tips for starting your spiritual journey and strengthening your connection with God:

1. Connect with God.

If you need help with where to begin, the first step is connection. We cannot achieve spiritual growth alone. We must allow God to work through us and transform us on our journey. Remain open and clear-minded to embrace the new. You’ll experience new ideas, information and opportunities when you are open-minded.

2. Conquer fear with faith.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Obstacles and detours along your path can bring doubt and discouragement. The fear of failure is a commonly experienced roadblock. Placing your faith in God and not yourself empowers you to pursue your spiritual journey without fear or worry. Remain focused on your faith instead of your fear.

3. Commit to daily practice.

Consistent habits are key. When setting goals, repeated daily practice is necessary. By building a daily routine, the progression to become more and more Christlike increases. Set aside daily quiet time to read scriptures, pray and listen for promptings to your prayers. Speaking with God daily will strengthen your relationship while helping to increase your faith.

4. Cultivate community.

Many of us feel disconnected and are seeking support. God wants us to have connections and community. Don’t walk your spiritual path alone. Find a community of fellow believers who can support and encourage you. Surround yourself with those who can offer you wisdom, guidance and prayer throughout your journey.

5. Continue despite setbacks.

Perseverance and progress are important to strive for, not perfection. There will be good times and bad along your faith journey. Show yourself grace and continue moving forward. No matter what happens, God is faithful and will continue to carry you and be with you through each step on your path.

6. Celebrate growth.

At different points throughout your spiritual journey, take the time to celebrate how far you have come. Show gratitude for everything God has done for you in your life. Remind yourself why you started this incredible journey and the desire you had to create a deeper relationship with God. Now is the time to celebrate your spiritual growth.

Hopefully, these steps will help you on your spiritual journey. There’s no one way to find your faith or the spiritual path that is best for you. Choose the path that aligns with your belief and morals. Stay positive and connect with yourself and God – it’s the key to success!

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