Telemedicine has provided Americans with an option to continue receiving medical care and advice when many health care facilities remain closed.

Several aspects of our lives have changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and adjusting to these changes has been a challenge. But one change that is growing in satisfaction among Americans is telehealth. While it may have taken some time to get used to, telehealth is now increasingly being embraced by both patients and health care practitioners alike.

According to a recent survey conducted by J.D. Power, patient satisfaction levels with telemedicine have been on the rise throughout the pandemic. The overall customer satisfaction score for telemedicine is 860 out of 1,000, a figure that is among the highest of all healthcare and insurance industry studies conducted by the data analytics company.

There’s no need to commute to a health care facility, nor is there any need to sit in a waiting room before being called in to see the doctor. Instead, patients can stay in the comfort of their homes as they connect virtually or over the telephone to their physicians.

Virtual doctor appointments are just like the average in-person appointment, except that contact between patients and physicians is done either over the phone or video conference. While there are obvious limitations to these types of visits, physicians are able to make a diagnosis, prescribe medication, and offer advice on treatment or next steps.

Considering the current health crisis, avoiding doctor’s offices can help limit patients’ chances of coming into contact with germs and a potentially deadly virus. Many patients who would otherwise be too afraid to go to the doctor out of fear of risking exposure have a viable option to speak with a physician through telemedicine, compared to risking an in-person visit or not making a visit at all.

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UHSM health sharing programs offer telehealth visits without consult fees.


Telemedicine Is a More Convenient and Cost-Effective Way to Connect With Physicians

Many healthcare facilities continue to remain closed amid the ongoing pandemic. Telehealth can fill the gap for medical visits that may otherwise not be possible as the COVID-19 shutdowns continue.

Further, the cost associated with telehealth is lower compared to traditional in-person visits. More specifically, telehealth visits cost an average of about $79 compared to the average office visit’s cost of $146.

Even though there may still be some barriers to telehealth that are still being worked out — such as limited services and learning curves with technology requirements — Americans are still able to connect with doctors that otherwise would have shut their doors, all thanks to telemedicine. As time goes on, more and more people are embracing and appreciating the convenience that telehealth offers.

Health Sharing Programs Offer Telehealth Benefits

With Christian health share programs from UHSM, you’ll get unlimited access to telehealth physicians right from the start, at $0 per consult. You can visit a board-certified doctor through a phone or video consultation to have your condition assessed and treatment or care coordinated without having to leave your home.

Over 2 million Americans — and counting — are already members of health sharing ministries.These programs are helping them save money while still receiving appropriate medical care.

To find out which program works best for you and your budget, speak with a representative from UHSM today or click here to see how much you can save with a health share program.


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