The True Cost of Unaffordable Healthcare | UHSM

America’s Health Care Affordability Crisis is Growing, Lives are on the Line, & We Have to Help One Another


As Christians, we commit to “Love thy Neighbor”, and expressing that by choosing the UHSM Christian health share ministry is a signal to all that there are better alternatives to our growing healthcare crisis. 

The cost of health coverage has become an overwhelming burden for Americans. Prices have soared an astonishing amount from 2010 to 2016, when family private-insurance premiums jumped 28 % while average household incomes did not even reach growth of 20%. Healthcare costs are growing twice as fast as worker’s wages and they tear away family’s budgets. However, the most devastating fact is that 34 million Americans have lost a family member or friend in the last five years, not because a treatment didn’t exist, but because they couldn’t afford it. Better healthcare alternatives are essential, now more than ever. By supporting each other through health sharing we’re doing a small part to help what Atlantic Monthly recently described as The Affordability Crisis.



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