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During the first week of May, the UHSM team visited the Bayside Church in Granite Bay to attend the Thrive conference for the first time. This debut came at the perfect time, as UHSM prepares to launch WeShare’s Ecosystem and introduce a fresh healthcare concept to the Christian community. Many churches offer cost-effective benefits to their staff, making them unaware of Faith-based Medical Sharing options as an alternative to conventional healthcare.

This event proved educational to Pastors and leaders nationwide. Each day was full of practical and timely leadership development. From connecting with Christian leaders to finding inspiration with the worship band to attending engaging breakout sessions, the experience was incredible.

David Bixby, the event coordinator at Bayside, efficiently orchestrated the event sponsors and supported UHSM by leading attendees’ participation in three separate raffle drawings for a chance to win $100 in our new Ecosystem. Attending Thrive reignited our faith and healthcare mission.


UHSM truly is working to restore faith in healthcare! We are healthcare with more care, less stress, and the best perks for you and your family. We are a haven for Christians that nurtures your mental, physical and spiritual wellness. We are healthcare that cares about YOU!

We are honored to have been a part of this incredible event. Thank you to all the attendees who visited our booth and took the time to learn more about UHSM. We’re all looking forward to returning for the Women’s Thrive conference in September! More information about the Women’s Conference here: https://www.womenoffaith.com/blog/women-of-faith-supports-thrive-summit

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