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UHSM has partnered with Abide to help improve the mental health of members and bring them closer to God.

Mindful meditation and quieting your mind can be incredibly helpful for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. To make this practice easier, several apps have emerged, including those that are dedicated specifically to Christian meditation.

As Christians, it’s important to spend time meditating on the Word, but in today’s busy world, that can prove to be a challenge. Christian meditation apps can help make this practice a little easier.

UHSM Partners With Abide Christian Meditation App

At UHSM, we’re proud to partner with Abide, a Christian meditation app that helps users reduce stress and improve their sleep.

Go to bed listening to Bible stories, and wake up with daily meditations read aloud to you with Abide. Simply find a quiet space on your own time to be alone with the Lord, and meditate on Scripture to ease your mind and strengthen your spirit.

Millions of people are already using Abide with great success and are giving it top marks on Google Play and the App Store. Even church leaders and Christian therapists are using and recommending the app.

Abide was developed by Carpenters Code, a small startup made up of former Google employees who were looking to put their talents to good use by helping to bring people closer to the Lord.

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UHSM offers a more cost-effective and flexible approach to medical care.

Their work paid off. Now, Abide is the most popular Christian meditation app in the world, helping to guide millions of people across the globe in biblical truth.

UHSM’s partnership with Abide allows members of the UHSM Christian health sharing ministry to access the app’s Premium Account free for one year. UHSM is dedicated to easing the financial burden of medical care for members and also to helping renew member’s souls and empower them in Christ.

Throughout the current health crisis, Americans have been faced with incredible challenges. People have been suffering in many ways as a result, including mentally and emotionally. At UHSM, we care not only about easing your financial burdens, but alleviating your mental stresses. The partnership with the Abide app is just one way UHSM has been working to help improve the mental health of Americans.

UHSM Offers More Affordability and Flexibility

UHSM is a Christian health sharing ministry that offers a cost solution for medical care. It’s not insurance, but rather offers a valuable alternative to traditional insurance.

Members of UHSM can save as much as 30% to 40% on medical costs compared to conventional health insurance. Plus, there’s more flexibility when it comes to the types of doctors that members wish to see.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a Christian health sharing ministry that offers a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to health insurance, speak with a representative today to find out more about our programs and how you can share the health.