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Visiting a medical professional just got easier with UHSM’s partnership with CVS MinuteClinic.

UHSM is excited to announce our recent partnership with CVS MinuteClinic as part of our overall offerings to members.

With the rising costs of medical care and health insurance premiums and deductibles, now may be the best time ever for making the switch to a health sharing program. Members of health sharing programs can save as much as 30% to 40% compared to traditional health insurance plans, and with UHSM’s partnership with CVS MinuteClinic, the savings can run even deeper.

What is CVS MinuteClinic?

A MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic that patients can choose as an alternative to an urgent care center, but at about 40% less than the cost of urgent care. These CVS clinics offer treatments, screenings, and immunizations and are open 7 days a week until 7:30pm (varies per location and major holidays).

They’re a much more affordable and convenient way to receive medical attention for non-emergency medical issues. UHSM members will receive coverage for most ailments that could be treated by qualified healthcare practitioners in an urgent care setting.

Members seeking medical attention from a CVS MinuteClinic can book appointments online for easy scheduling as well as in person at the walk up kiosk.

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Families can save up to 40% compared to Urgent Care when seeking medical treatment through a CVS MinuteClinic, plus the additional savings of being a member of UHSM.

CVS MinuteClinics Vs. Urgent Care Clinics

Why visit a MinuteClinic rather than an urgent care facility?

Savings. For starters, patients can save an average of 40% compared to an urgent care center. That helps add to the savings already realized by members of health sharing ministries compared to conventional medical coverage plans.

Multiple services. MinuteClinics also offer an array of services and treatment, comparable to what urgent care clinics provide. More specifically, CVS MinuteClinics offer over 120 treatment and vaccination services.

Multiple locations. Finding a CVS MinuteClinic is easy, with approximately 1,100 locations within CVS locations across the U.S. from which to choose.

Health Share Ministries: Offering a Better Option than Health Insurance

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to a health sharing ministry like UHSM, and the addition of a CVS MinuteClinic partnership is just another one.

Members of UHSM can realize savings in membership fees, the flexibility to choose the type of contributions made to accommodate varying budgets and needs, and the freedom to choose which medical professionals to see.

Further, health sharing members will have the distinct privilege of being a part of something that allows them to help others of like faith.

If you’re looking for a way to manage health care costs other than traditional health insurance, get in touch with a representative from UHSM today to determine which program is best suited for you.

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