Relevant Magazine launches new Series ‘Quarterlife’

Quarterlife, presented by UHSM, is a new content series about making the most of your twenties. Relevant magazine will tackle topics such as mental health, spiritual journeys, careers, and even dating. Check out a few articles below, and read more here!

Also, Relevant hosts an amazing podcast every Friday. Each episode is presented by UHSM and features a special guest. Catch up on the latest episodes here or wherever you stream podcasts.

Mike Foster on Why Is It’s Hard to Move Forward in Your Twenties

Why is it so hard to start moving forward? That’s a question Mike Foster wants to answer. He’s a counselor, speaker and author who’s passionate about helping people navigate the dreams they have for their lives. He talked a little about the recurring things he’s seeing in people on the other side of a pandemic and how we can get going.

Yes, You Can Know God’s Will for Your Life in Your Twenties

As a pastor, I have been asked countless times, “How do I hear from God?” Over the years, I’ve found a simple process that’s been my tried and true. I think it’ll help you, too.


John Eldredge Says Twentysomethings Need to Spend the Coming Months in a Season of Soul Care

ohn Eldredge has a lot on his mind. That’s not particularly unusual for this man, who is well known in Christian circles for his books about reconnecting with your heart and tapping into a divinely ordained life of adventure. In books like The Sacred Romance and Journey of Desire, Eldredge cast the spiritual life as something romantic, primal and deeply in tune with the imagination. He became most famous for Wild at Heart, which taught that men were created to be warriors and rescuers — William Wallace by way of Saint Francis — and lose something vital about themselves when they ignore these parts of their soul.



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