Relevant to Publish Fall Wellness Series of Articles and Podcasts to Promote Holistic Health and Wellness, with Support from UHSM Health Share

I think we can all agree there is no greater gift God gives us than life, and our health. To honor His generosity, our team at UHSM Health Share worked with Relevant to develop a Fall Wellness Series. We hope you enjoy these articles and podcasts; and we pray they inspire discussion and action that serves to enhance your holistic health and wellbeing.


Some of the first few articles in this series are already online, and linked below, such as Why Healthcare is a Christian Issue and How to Lose the COVID Fifteen. Others will continue to publish over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy the series and welcome your feedback on the types of content you’d like to see covered.

Is Physical Health A Spiritual Issue?

I haven’t been a member at the gym for an hour yet. I’m standing with about two dozen other members, all of us just finished with a morning workout. We’re heaving. Our hands rest on our shaky knees. Our excess clothing has been cast into sweaty piles around the gym. And our trainer is asking us to partake in a Bible study. I wouldn’t have been more surprised if he’d asked us to do a jig.


Why Healthcare Is A Christian Issue

As another election season approaches, healthcare has once again become a politicized topic in the American news cycles. The bitterness in both sides’ rhetoric suggest little hope for reconciliation, especially given the foundational disagreement regarding the role of government. As a Christian inundated by social media, political headlines and talk shows, I confess that distinguishing whether my stances on healthcare are rooted in the Bible or something else becomes difficult.


Andy Mineo On How To Lose The COVID Fifteen

There are, unfortunately, a lot of ways to get unhealthy in the pandemic era. Many of us are still staying inside, and gyms across the U.S. are largely shuttered in an attempt to keep people trying to get healthy from getting sick instead. If you’ve packed on a quarantine fifteen, no need to be ashamed. You are certainly not alone.


How To Get Into The Best Mental Health Shape Of Your Life

Just as a personal trainer encourages you to target specific areas of growth, we’ve gathered a group of seven mental health “trainers” to help coach you on various ways you can be more mentally strong this year, in all areas of your life.


‘Body Issues’ Are Spiritual, Too

We compare ourselves to others in the gym. We come away from movies wanting to exercise for eight hours. We would rather jump in front of a truck than take our shirts off at the pool. We feel pathetic and small. We look at ourselves in almost every mirror we pass. When alone, we flex—not because we like what we see, but because we don’t. We have spent hundreds of dollars on pre-workout, weight-loss and weight-gain supplements. We research the best way to bulk, shred, diet and binge.


Getting In Shape Is Easier Than You Think

Here we are at the end of October. It’s getting cold out, and those well-meaning quarantine resolutions you made all those weeks ago seem far away. Especially that one to “get in shape.”

That’s where we come in. With a little tough love.


Gaining A Healthy Body Image

In many areas of my life, there’s a quiet sense that I don’t measure up, but in this area, there’s just too much to measure. It doesn’t help that Grandma and her friends are the only ones who dote on my body or that the only things that fit from those petite clothing stores in the mall are hair clips. Like acne and annoying boys, I thought the issues of size, weight and body image would just go away with the passage into adulthood. I was wrong.


The Surprising Links Between Faith And Health

If religious faith could be packaged in a pill, the stock price of drug companies would soar. Religion, not merely spirituality, is a profound predictor of health. Spiritual practices can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and help stave off some effects of mental illness about as well as many drugs on the market.

Consider these five ways that faith is really good for you.


Angela Manuel Davis On How Physical Exercise Has Transformed Her Spiritual Life

As a former member of USA Track and Field Team, Angela was a five-time All-American who has now turned her attention to AARMY, where she’s the Co-Founder & Chief Motivation Officer. She’s trained the likes of Beyoncé , Jay-Z, David Beckham and Kerry Washington, and now she’s trying to help others discover the connections between fitness and spirituality. She told RELEVANT a little about her style of fitness and why it feels so revolutionary.


Lecrae’s Five Tips For Staying Holistically Healthy In Pandemic Season

Lecrae was kind enough to share his tips for staying on top of his wellness. “If you’re a Christian, God has provided means for healing and restoration,” he explains. “And so it can be supernatural. It can be a prayer and ‘Wow, look at this, everything’s different!’”


Brittney Moses On How The Church Can Be A Solution In The Mental Health Crisis

For all the talk about mental health that has become extremely prevalent in 2020, the conversation in faith groups can still be a little stilted. Most people understand, at this point, that acute anxiety is not a symptom on unrepentant sin and a good counselor can be an answer to — not a substitute for — prayer. But there are still a lot of questions about just how Christians should think about mental and emotional health, and what role healthy spirituality plays in a healthy interior life.



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