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Relevant Magazine launches new Series “New You”

Over the next 8 weeks, join Relevant Magazine for the newest content series, “New You” — presented by @uhsmhealth. Together, we’ll look at how to transform our lives from the inside out, pursuing health in all areas: our relationships, our spiritual lives, our bodies, careers, mental health and more.  

Look for new articles every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as special conversations with experts and leaders on the Tuesday RELEVANT Podcast episode. Catch up on the latest episodes here or wherever you stream podcasts.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health Today

Although you can’t control external factors, there are a few ways you can contribute to your mental health. Just like the body needs exercise and movement in order to be healthy, the mind requires similar attention. Here are 5 ways to invest in your own mental health today.



How to Become the New Spiritual You

If getting in shape was easy, then everyone would do it. That’s the thing about health. No matter what type you’re talking about—mental, emotional, physical or, yes, spiritual — it takes effort.



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