Grant Lottering on road in cycling gear
UHSM is getting involved in charitable events to help those in need across the nation.

UHSM is in the business of helping Americans find ways to handle the cost of medical care without all the hurdles that typically come with traditional health insurance plans. The health sharing ministry is also dabbling in community outreach and fundraising efforts.

Now, UHSM is proud to announce the sponsorship of Grant Lottering, an extreme endurance cyclist who, since 2014, has been undertaking solo non-stop ultra-endurance rides across the world.

Who is Grant Lottering?

Grant Lottering is a survivor, international speaker, and extreme endurance cyclist who has done what medical professionals in Europe and SA told him would be impossible: to ride his bike again. His comeback from being declared dead in 2013 to taking on the French Alps, Pyrenees, South Africa, and soon the USA continues to astonish healthcare professionals and the general public.

Lottering’s extreme brand of fundraising in aid of charity has reached over 40 million people globally through broadcast, print, and online media and continues to grow. In November 2020, he successfully completed his own fundraising initiative dubbed #24hours4dreams and co-sponsored by UHSM. Lottering cycled non-stop up and down an all-gravel mountain pass in South Africa for 24 hours, summitting the brutal Montagu Pass 20 times. The ride raised almost $10,000 for the Reach for a Dream Foundation, an organization involved in helping fulfill the dreams of children battling life-threatening diseases. In July, Lottering intends to repeat this feat in the French Alps, this time in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation.

The Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador has had to overcome 12 surgeries since his near-fatal accident in July 2013 in the Italian Alps, where he broke 22 bones and suffered severe internal trauma. He survived a severe case of hypothermia ending his 2017 Im’possible Tour in the French Alps, a serious crash in late 2017 that required two surgeries, and he had to undergo emergency cancer surgery. Despite his medical challenges, Lottering refused to scale down his goals and has gone on to complete six Im’possible Tours across the globe and has no plans of stopping any time soon.

photo of Grant Lottering in biking gear

UHSM Proud to Sponsor Grant Lottering’s Charitable Efforts

Lottering’s dedication to paying it forward has encouraged UHSM to partner with him and share his story ‘From Death to the Top of the Alps and Beyond’ with Americans while supporting others who are facing tribulations in their lives.

Lottering’s charitable rides have put his incredible strength on display and prove that challenges do not necessarily have to stand in the way of success and healing. Not only is UHSM proud to partner with Lottering, but the feeling is mutual. The charitable cyclist has previously voiced his excitement in teaming up with a faith-based business like UHSM, as Lottering himself is a man of great faith.

Lottering is using his Im’possible tours to raise funds for underprivileged children and to inspire people to believe that with God, nothing is impossible. UHSM’s role will involve sponsoring the cyclist as he takes on his first US Im’possible Tour this summer, riding 1,000 miles non-stop through California, in the fastest possible time, a massive challenge considering he will start in Nevada City and target an elevation gain of over 65,000 feet before finishing in Orange County 80 hours later.

UHSM’s partnership with Lottering is only one of many that the faith-based health sharing ministry will take on. The company has already launched multiple community outreach efforts across the country. Just recently, UHSM partnered with Pure Game, a non-profit that combines sporting activities and leadership coaching in schools.

The health sharing ministry has also partnered with the Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) to develop an outreach program that offers tickets to nonprofits to be shared with the families they serve.

While UHSM is fully dedicated to supporting Lottering and others like him, the health sharing ministry is first and foremost committed to providing Americans with a more affordable way to manage the costs of medical care. Members of UHSM can save upwards of 30% to 40% compared to conventional health insurance plans. Plus, members can benefit from more flexibility when it comes to enrolling in a program and choosing the medical professionals they wish to see.

To find out which program works best for you and your family, get in touch with UHSM today or click here to see how much you can save with a health share program.