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UHSM dedicated its resources to give back to the bravest heroes in our nation in 2020.

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. Perhaps no one can attest to this fact more than those who have been on the front lines of the pandemic, including healthcare workers and first responders.

As a thank you to all those on the frontlines who have been there to fight this health crisis, UHSM decided to give back by donating time and effort to help out. UHSM has also been directly involved in raising funds to support non-profit organizations that have been providing direct assistance to those who are fighting the good fight.

UHSM Supports Soldiers and Their Families

UHSM partnered with We Believe Wines and California Love Drop to help raise money for The Green Beret Foundation, which supports US Special Forces soldiers and their families. UHSM also participated in various first responder headquarters throughout Southern California with Love Drops on Veterans Day.

UHSM and We Believe Wines hosted a wine tasting booth on Veterans Day and donated all net proceeds to The Green Beret Foundation and American Legion Post 227. We Believe Wines has long been donating to The Green Beret Foundation through the sale of each bottle of wine, and UHSM has jumped on board to support and to accelerate this initiative.

UHSM Helps Deliver Meals and Supplies to First Responders

In addition to participating in the wine tasting pop-up, UHSM also partnered with the California Love Drop to provide meals, treats, and supplies to multiple first responder organizations in California. Those who benefited from these efforts included hospitals, medical facilities, police stations, fire departments, community centers, and others.

Today, dozens of companies are now active participants in supporting first responders, with more than 150 drops taking place across more than 60 locations.

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Delivering meals and treats to first responders is just one way that UHSM has been giving back to the community during the current health crisis.

UHSM Continues Its Giving Culture

This past Veterans Day was a successful and fruitful one for UHSM along with the collaboration with organizations like We Believe Wines and California Love Drop. Through this partnership, UHSM was able to combine efforts to thank the brave soldiers and first responders who continue to serve the people of our great country.

UHSM’s efforts do not end on Veterans Day. Instead, our Christian-based health sharing ministry continues to dedicate itself to helping various organizations that are directly involved in supporting our frontline workers through 2021. UHSM’s Network For Good features an online platform, Salute & Support Our Heroes, that donates all monies spent on specific purchases with We Believe Wines to The Green Beret Foundation.

To date, UHSM has done over 20+ Love Drops over the past month and will many more throughout the new year. The organizations that UHSM partners with all share the same core beliefs: giving, faith, and family. UHSM believes that it is unity and faith that has empowered us to do good for the surrounding community, particularly during this great time of need.

UHSM’s Wall of Gratitude

On the UHSM website is the recently-implemented “Wall of Gratitude” where people are encouraged to share photos of what they are thankful for this year. For every social media post that is featured on the Wall of Gratitude with the hashtags #NewYearGratitude and #WallOfGratitude, UHSM will donate one dollar per post to three charities: The Green Beret Foundation, Cancer Kinship, and Second Harvest Food Bank. It’s all part of UHSM’s way of giving back.

Another way UHSM gives every day is by supporting our members’ efforts to share funds for medical care with like-minded fellow members of our health sharing programs. Click here to see how much you can save with a health share program from UHSM.

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