Will my membership with UHSM change to WeShare? 

  • No. WeShare is brought to you by UHSM. All member communications will still go through UHSM customer account representatives as well as UHSM.com. WeShare.com will be used for new members only. 

Is my program changing at all? 

  • There will be no change to any programs or program features. This is simply a name change to all the programs. If there are any updates or changes to your current program you will receive advance notice from UHSM member services. However, WeShare will be building brand new programs to add to our current list of programs that will launch in 2022. 

Does my billing change? 

  • No billing processes or prices will change. All billing statements will still come from memberservices@uhsm.com. 

Will member documents/information be WeShare branded?

  • Not right now. If branding does change on specific documents/information we will let our members know in advance. However, UHSM is NOT going away, as the organization all docs are relevant, viable, and correct. WeShare is a pure branding update to the programs, not a change to the entity or organization.

Will new members receive a welcome packet showing WeShare or UHSM?

  • At this time, new members will receive a UHSM branded welcome packet. The welcome packet brand change will roll out closer to 2022, in which current and future members will be notified accordingly.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my membership? 

Do I go to WeShare.com to see updated member information? 

  • No, please continue to go to UHSM.com and toggle to the member’s tab in the navigation bar to stay up to date with the most current member information. 

Do I need a new ID card to visit my doctor? 

  • No, you can continue to use your UHSM member ID card. 

If I am wanting my friend/family member to check out UHSM health sharing, do I send them to WeShare or UHSM? 

  • Please send all potential new members to WeShare.org, where they can then request an invite.