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Christians have other options aside from traditional health insurance plans to help pay for the cost of medical care.


Have you heard of “Christian health insurance”? Because health care costs and insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, Americans are seeking more cost-effective and flexible alternatives to healthcare. But the truth is, there is no such thing as “Christian health insurance.” What UHSM and others offer their members is NOT insurance. Instead this type of health care is called Christian medical health sharing, which involves member-based Christian organizations who facilitate the cost-sharing of each other’s medical expenses.

Health share programs are an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional insurance for many individuals and families. With the rising costs of healthcare and prescription medication, it can be difficult to cover the cost of such services out-of-pocket without some form of healthcare benefits. Whether from private insurance policies or as part of an employer’s group plan, there are significant limitations to traditional health insurance; namely its exorbitant cost. Thankfully, Americans have other options to help pay for medical services, and Christian health sharing ministries are one of those alternatives.

What are Some Affordable Alternatives to Health Insurance?

While there is no such thing as “Christian health insurance,” there are Christian health share ministries, which differ from conventional health insurance. These member-based organizations involve Christians who exercise their right to take more control over their healthcare and agree to share the cost of each other’s medical expenses. It’s this component that makes Christian health sharing ministries vastly different from traditional health insurance plans.

Health care sharing ministries are healthcare programs that offer a range of medical and pharmacy benefits and services, with some even offering programs for critical illness and accident. Members may often have greater flexibility in their choice of doctors and may also have access to tremendous pharmacy benefits and services not offered by traditional health insurance.

Christian Health Insurance
Christian health sharing ministries provide faith-based people with more flexibility and affordability with their health care costs.

Further, Christian health sharing ministries also tend to be much more affordable than a regular health insurance plan. In fact, members can save as much as 50% or more compared to the premiums charged by the average health insurance plan.

Monthly contributions made by each member are used to help pay the cost of other members’ medical expenses. The health sharing ministry will then record the contributions that each member makes. Each member can tap into the pool of funds collected when the member incurs an eligible medical expense.

What Makes a Health Sharing Ministry Christian?

What makes these programs “Christian” is the people involved in these organizations. Every member within these organizations shares a similar faith. It’s this faith that makes these organizations truly unique, as they connect like-minded people together and administer cost-sharing programs that allow members to support one another.

Becoming a member of a Christian health sharing program is simple, though there are certain requirements that members must meet, such as leading healthy lifestyles that are void of potentially hazardous behaviors.

If you’re ready to save money, gain flexibility with your medical care, and be a part of faithful community of members, contact UHSM to see what type of programs meet your family’s specific needs and budget.

Click here to see how much you can save with a UHSM health share program. 

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