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WeShare in Health Care Community: 

What is our Health Care Sharing Ministry? 

WeShare by UHSM offers peace of mind and the freedom of choice by sharing in the burden of modern-day costs associated with healthcare across a larger community. 

If community, connection, and real care is what you’re looking for, read on for the full details! 
















What is a Health Care Sharing Ministry? 

How WeShare in Community that Cares: 

WeShare is a healthcare sharing ministry (HCSM) that partners to provide the largest health networks in the nation: PHCS® PPO and CVS Caremark™ Networks. PHCS® is the largest, independent primary PPO in the nation, and a wholly owned subsidiary of MultiPlan, Inc.; additionally, members have access to 68,000 CVS Caremark™ retail locations, with low, pre-negotiated member-specific rates for both pharmacy and urgent care services! 

The WeShare faith-based community shares in annual wellness and preventative care at 100%, while focusing on a holistic approach towards wellness management. WeShare values a preventative, proactive, and holistic approach to health and well-being with added perks! 

WeShare® membership is offered & administered by Unite Health Share Ministries™ (UHSM), a nonprofit, religious, health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member sharing of medical expenses.














So Much More with Added Perks: 

WeShare offers added perks, day one of membership, such as retail and urgent care locations; access to wellness management subscriptions; and free telehealth services through the DocDay™ App. WeShare in comprehensive prices for ease of access: Connect with a Doctor or one’s Primary Care Provider (PCP), in-network! We bring our members additional savings for urgent care services available through the use of our special connections! Learn more about the specifics of our WeShare membership, today! (800) 900 – 8476  

Jump-in with wellness perks, such as our one-of-a-kind, included subscriptions to Noom, FitBod, and Right Now Media. WeShare focuses on improving one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health; a balanced and holistic approach is one which honors God and our bodies, as temples to His Word. Learn more today:  

Healthy Living Means  

Healthy Discount 

WeShare members can earn a percentage off their monthly sharing contribution by meeting certain health improvement measures or by completing certain healthy activities! 

Take your health into your own hands, make choices for yourself, & have the freedom to be well! 
















Joining the WeShare Community 

The Process & Getting Started 

While members can sign-up for WeShare at any point through out the year, making it the ultimate convenience, WeShare works hard to inform and reach new communities during standardized Open Enrollment periods. While communities across the nation work to find alternatives and ways to cut-costs in their lives, WeShare members take advantage of sharing health care across an entire Christian membership-basis.  

Each WeShare Sharing Member must first submit a fully completed Membership Enrollment Application with one of our experts, adhere to the Membership Commitment Acknowledgments, and upon acceptance, membership begins on the specified effective date. 

It’s that simple! 

Join a Christian, Family-First Community that truly Cares  














What’s New to WeShare? 

And so much more to unveil with our latest additions to WeShare!

Our Mission:
Our Vision:
Our Values:

We value aligning with a holistic, faith-based approach towards health care:

Our Goals:

Join a Community that Cares 

Learn more about the specifics of our WeShare membership, today! (800) 900 – 8476 










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WeShare in a community that is uplifting, caring, and rooted in faith! 

WeShare members have admission to the largest, independent PPO PHCS network in America, with access to over 1.2 million doctors and specialists. Not only that, but members can also access pharmacy services at over 68,000 locations, nation-wide. 

Call us at (800) 900 – 8476 or send an email to and we can’t wait to chat with you about our healthcare sharing ministry memberships! 

WeShare is not an insurance company, and neither its guidelines, its plan of operation, nor any other documents of the religious organization constitutes as an insurance policy.