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Christian health sharing ministries are growing in popularity, particularly among Christian families who already have some level of experience with conventional health insurance.

Over recent years, many Americans have been making the switch from traditional health insurance plans to health sharing ministries. In fact, there are now over two million members in these alternative programs across the US who are taking advantage of healthcare cost savings, flexibility, and freedom.

But who exactly is using Christian health sharing ministries? 

Christian Faith a Defining Characteristic

The most common trait among members of Christian health sharing ministries is faith. Members share a common belief system and get together to help others while helping themselves when the need to pay for a medical bill arises.

As Christians, members of these health sharing ministries know that they are part of something that involves other like-minded individuals and families. And they know that their voluntary contributions are going toward helping those who share the same beliefs. With everyone helping each other, members can be assured that they are carrying out God’s word to help others.  

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” ~Romans 12:13

Active Lifestyles Are In

These days, keeping one’s body as healthy as possible has never been more important. Particularly with the current health crisis threatening Americans from state to state, maintaining optimal health remains top of mind for many.

The majority of Christian health sharing members are moderately active. Exercising three to five times per week is the norm among a large percentage of members. Being physically active is a good way to honor your body as a temple and to help minimize the odds of requiring medical care.

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Christian health sharing ministries give families a more affordable and flexible option compared to traditional health insurance.

Most Members Have Previous Experience With Health Insurance

Christian health sharing ministries are not health insurance and do not use insurance agents. There are no plans that require premiums or deductibles. Instead, these ministries involve voluntary contributions that are used to help members when eligible medical expenses arise.

These ministries come with various programs from which members can choose based on their financial profile and needs. This is a very different concept from the way health insurance policies are designed.

Most members of health sharing ministries have long track records of holding health insurance plans. At some point, they have chosen to seek out a more affordable and flexible option to manage their medical costs, which they have found with Christian health sharing ministries.

At UHSM, we offer healthcare cost solutions that are faith-based, affordable, and flexible. With various programs, we can accommodate almost any budget to help suit your financial status and comfort level.

Find out more about our Christian health sharing ministry and explore the options available to you by getting in touch with a representative from UHSM today to share the health.