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UHSM has partnered with Cornbread Hustle and Cheri Garcia to support local churches in the Dallas Area

The #HopeDealer crew partnered with Pastor Chris Simmons of Cornerstone Baptist Church to aid the homeless during this time.

Many shelters have shut down due to COVID-19, making it almost impossible for the homeless to shower and eat. However, Pastor Simmons wanted to do anything he could to help.

With the help of Cheri Garcia and Cornbread Hustle, they were able to provide showers, clothing, and meals to over 400 homless in the area.

Cheri Garcia and her #HopeDealers clean and sanitize Cornerstone Baptist Church to make sure it stays safe for the church staff to continue to work and help support the community. 

Thank you so much Cheri Garcia, all the Cornbread Hustle #HopeDealers, Pastor Chris Simmons, and all of the church staff for making this possible.

UHSM is honored to give all that we can to help Cornbread Hustle make a difference during this time of global crisis. We support our neighbors all across the nation. We are in this together, we will beat this together.


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