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UHSM has partnered with, a character education program that leverages sports — specifically soccer — to develop positive youth engagement. Soccer promotes inclusive team play and takes away the extremely competitive win at all cost mentality. And, sports have been proven to help young students develop methods to help regulate their emotions and boost self-esteem. The program’s intention is to enhance youth’s ability to create their own future and become active citizens who are committed to building up their communities  

PureGame currently partners with 80+ schools and community-based organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs across Southern California and is looking to expand beyond the 45,000+ students being served. UHSM is excited and proud to be part of a program committed to serving and investing in youth in our communities! 

You Got Game?

UHSM President Chris Jin joined Tony Everett, founder of The Pure Game, at a charity event last month to raise money so at-risk high schoolers can regain their path toward graduation and college. 

The 5 Boroughs Book Club charity—committed to Friendship, Faith and Fellowship—hosted this jam-packed scramble golf tournament to benefit the scholarshipEnough money was raised to bring Pure Game’s leadership and integrity-building program to a local school for the entire year; leveraging soccer to teach life skills to young adults … For Goodness Sake!


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