Cancer Kinship Supports Survivors & Their Families

UHSM’s non-profit health sharing ministry seeks to promote and encourage healthy living habits. In honor of our mission, UHSM is thrilled to partner with cancer survivor Yoli Origel, Cancer Kinship, and all the cancer fighters and survivors they help support.

This page is dedicated to Cancer Kinship’s mission to empower cancer survivors through peer mentorship and support systems as well as survivor education and socialization. Cancer Kinship and their volunteers aid cancer patients and survivors by addressing the physical, emotional, and psychosocial effects of cancer. This page will capture the important work of Cancer Kinship and their vision to empower anyone affected by cancer, guide them through the journey, improve their quality of life, and increase long-term survival rates.

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Stay tuned to this page for inspiring stories of survival empowerment, mentorship, and kinship.

Yoli Origel

Yoli Origel is the Founder and Executive Director for Cancer Kinship. She is a 12-year survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer. Yoli’s personal mission is to help patients adjust to their “new normal” as cancer survivors, regain control of their lives, and transform fear into hope.


“Cancer is scary.
Your life doesn’t have to be”

Over 16.9 million Americans are cancer survivors, each with their own story. Cancer Kinship aims to increase support of this growing community. They guide cancer patients through and after treatments, help them regain control of their lives, and help reduce the risk of relapse. Through peer mentorship, education and empowerment, socialization, and resource navigation, Yoli and Cancer Kinship support each survivor and their unique story. UHSM is inspired by Cancer Kinship and their mission; check out some of the incredible work this organization does.

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Cancer Kinship helps patients and their loved ones adjust to a cancer diagnosis and treatment