Don’t Touch Your Face Coronavirus iPhone/Android Wallpaper

dont-touch-your-face-covid19Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes—burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day, according to new research. You also may not realize how much you touch your face. We all do it. We touch our faces countless times every day—as much as 23x per hour according to experts! An itchy nose, tired eyes, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand are all things we do without a second thought. As we all trying to completely stop touching our face during this pandemic, UHSM wanted to share this wallpaper as a continual reminder to #staysafe#DONTTOUCHYOURFACE!!

Download this COVID-19 Coronavirus wallpaper to your phone and share with loved ones!


How to Download & Install

Three simple steps and 30 seconds of your time is all it takes to add a constant safety reminder to your phone. Apple iPhone and Android versions are available.

Click to download the free Wallpaper

Save to Photos on your phone

“Share” photo and choose Use as Wallpaper


Download Free Zoom & Microsoft Teams Images

Stay at home Coronavirus orders have many of us spending 2-5 hours a day or more on video conference calls through tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Now you can remind your colleagues, friends, and family: To #staysafe from COVID-19, the #1 thing they can do is wash hands regularly and #DONTTOUCHYOURFACE!


Give to Support Financial Hardship Created by COVID-19

Amid the economic downturn due to COVID-19, our membership asked us to set up voluntary contributions so that UHSM may assist members and others who find themselves battling adversity brought on by the coronavirus. This includes providing emotional support and direct and indirect gifts to those in financial need. UHSM is proud and will continue to help our communities in need, For Goodness Sake!

Coronavirus News & Updates

UHSM members have access to our Telehealth providers who are fully prepared to triage members who present symptoms of Coronavirus. What does that mean? If you experience signs of the virus, the best path to take is to stay home and contact Telehealth at 1-844-485-7150.

For additional information, stay tuned to this special COVID-19 blog or visit the CDC website.
  UHSM Telehealth 1-844-485-7150
  7am – 10pm PST | 7 Days a Week
  *Have your UHSM member ID ready*

The Reset 2021 Faith, Mental Health, & Wellness Summit

The Reset 2021 Faith, Mental Health, & Wellness Summit

We Share powered by UHSM, is proud to present, the Reset 2021, a faith, mental health, and wellness virtual summit. We are so excited to join forces with UHSM ambassador Brittney Moses to bring this incredible event to life. Now more than ever, we need to focus on mental health and wellness, as well as our faith. The past two years have been difficult, and we take proper steps to heal from the challenges we faced in 2021. Join us online Saturday July 24th, 2021, for an insightful and refreshing weekend as we hit reset to get our mind, body, and soul re-grounded and back on track.

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“A cheerful heart does good like medicine,

but a broken spirit makes one sick.”

—Proverbs 17:22


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