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Faith on and off the Field

UHSM’s non-profit, health sharing ministry seeks to promote faithful living in our everyday lives. In honor of our mission, UHSM is proud to support Natalie Lawrence and her FAM (Female Athlete Mission), a community of female athletes who crave to talk honestly about faith and life.

With the help of Natalie, this page seeks to help other athletes find inspiration on how to integrate their faith in God within their sports. We’ll use this page to capture the various interviews, blogs, inspirations, and discussions around being faithful women of God both on and off the field. Natalie and her FAM will talk about the good stuff, the hard stuff, and everything in between.

Check back regularly for motivation from other athletes on how to be encouraged, how to be inspired, and how to join the FAM!

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Natalie Lawrence

Natalie Lawrence, a former college athlete, aims to pursue God both in her everyday life and in her sport as well as encourage others to do the same.


How to Be a Faithful Woman of God, Both On and Off the Field

People listen to Natalie Lawrence’s podcast and read her blogs because she’s open, honest, and willing to have hard conversations. Natalie and her FAM wish to encourage and inspire other female athletes to pursue God and provide both support and inspiration through their faith journey. Here are just some of her recent posts on #FemaleAthletes.

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God Turns Your Mess Into Your Message – with Cheri Garcia

UHSM is excited to announce that we brought two of our partners together. Cheri Garcia, founder of Cornbread Hustle, a second chance staffing agency, and Natalie Lawrence, a leader of  the Female Athlete Mission have joined forces to speak on redemption. UHSM is so proud to work with these two inspiring women and support their amazing organizations. Listen to this episode on Apple podcasts or Spotify now!

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