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Grant Lottering Says Im’possible

UHSM’s non-profit health sharing ministry seeks to promote faithful living. UHSM is proud to support Grant Lottering. Through hope, courage, and perseverance, he overcame the impossible and continues to inspire thousands all over the world.

This page is dedicated to Grant Lottering and his commitment to God to share his story with audiences and to ride annual “Im’possible Tours”, taking his second chance at life to the limit and beyond. Here we will capture interviews, photos, and posts of Grant Lottering in support of his mission.

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Grant Lottering

Grant Lottering is the miracle cyclist who came back from the dead to achieve the extraordinary. Now having conquered the French Alps, Pyrenees, and South Africa, he continues to astonish the medical profession and audiences alike.


Sharing His Story

In Trento, Italy on July 21, 2013, Grant started the day racing to win and ended the day fighting to live. 21.7.13 became the first day of his second life.

Today, Grant has shared his story “From Death to the Top of the Alps” with audiences in over 11 countries, inspiring them to rise in the face of adversity. He has overcome incredible odds, refuses to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible.

Grant’s annual Im’possible Tour has raised over R2m (2 million South African Rand) for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which harnesses the power of sport to promote social change and celebrate sporting excellence.

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