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Growing Faith with ICCI

In honor of our mission to grow our members’ faith and advocate for better healthcare, UHSM is proud to support the International Christian Coaching Institute. ICCI is a ministry providing biblical hope and practical help for everyday problems. They encourage and equip people with God’s truth so that they can overcome life’s challenges. UHSM supports these coaches and teaches them about their healthcare options, such as UHSM health sharing.

“ICCI is a dynamic faith-based Network of Life Coaches who are dedicated to serving others through collaborative partnerships that address the whole person.”


​The ICCI is a place for Christian coaching fellowship and resources. The network of coaches encourages people to be dynamic leaders who encourage others to come together and make a difference.

UHSM’s partnership with ICCI allows the coaches an option to understand how healthcare works. We give them the tools and resources to better understand their communities and their healthcare needs.

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