UHSM Mental Health Resources


UHSM Mental Health Resources

How Christian Meditation Can Help

The Abide mobile app is the world’s most popular Christian meditation app, guiding hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in biblical truth and personal reflection. Abide’s mission is to help users rediscover joy and gain greater clarity about their purpose. Their sleep meditations help users to experience less anxiety, stress, and worry. Download the app now!

Mental Health Advocate Brittney Moses

Listen to Brittney’s feature on Relevant Magazine’s latest podcast episode!

Brittney helps debut Relevant’s new content series ‘Quarterlife,’ which focuses on making the most of your 20s and emphasizes the importance of mental health.

Brittney creates the space for people to talk about their mental health. She seeks to inspire other Christians to integrate their faith and mental health into their daily lives. Through these conversations, Brittney encourages open discussions about not only mental health but other forms of wellness. Brittney is currently studying psychology at UCLA. Through her studies and research, she helps reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and brings faith to the forefront of the discussion. Her goal is to work with the church and public health for youth and young adults. Brittney’s blog, website, and podcast allow her to advocate for mental wellness in everyday life.

Relevant Magazine Highlights the Importance of Mental Health

Relevant Magazine’s content series ‘Quarterlife’ highlights topics around a healthy lifestyle. This involves career, relationships, faith, mental and physical wellness, generosity, and more. This series will highlight making the most of your 20s and 30s and taking the time to focus on all things wellness, including mental health.

Visit RelevantMagazine.com for new Quarterlife articles every Tuesday & Thursday.

Are You a UHSM Member?

UHSM has activated Behavioral Health access to all Platinum, Gold, and Vital health share programs, including Essentials programs. Now members can lean on non-psychiatric individual, family, and marriage counseling services to help them through life challenges. Please contact member services for more information and to initiate a pre-authorization for this service. 

Curious About Telehealth?

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