Quarterlife Series Explores Faith, Mental Wellness, Careers, Relationships and More for Twentysomethings

NORFOLK, Va. (May 4, 2021) — UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries), a faith-based health care nonprofit founded on Christian beliefs and values, today announced a limited content series partnership, Quarterlife with Relevant Magazine, a faith-based publication sharing real-life stories at the intersection of a Christ-centered life. This fresh new series honor mental health awareness month in May and aims to inspire Gen Z and Millennial audiences to live with faith and lean on God as they seek guidance and new pathways into early adulthood.

“We are thrilled to be working with UHSM and We Share to bring our readers these impactful stories,” said Cameron/Tyler, title of Relevant Magazine. “Readers of Quarterlife will find inspiring stores of faith, mental health, wellness, fitness, relationships, charity, career and money. It’s a holistic look at how faith intertwines through every aspect of our lives, each day.”

Overwhelmingly, 48% of young Americans say they have experienced a quarter-life crisis. According to popular psychology, a quarter-life crisis is a crisis “involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life” and is commonly referred to as a period in life throughout one’s twenties or thirties. Left unchecked, these notions and feelings can trigger an abundance of concerns, including anxiety or depression.

Poised for the Gen Z and Millennial demographic, Quarterlife is focused on helping readers navigate impactful and thoughtful life decisions. Centered around the base questions of humanity: Who am I? What am I made for? Am I enough? The series is set to inspire and energize readers through real-life stories, self-awareness strategies and challenge the traditional stereotypes that are often considered part of a quarter-life crisis.

“We strongly believe this new content series, paired with Relevant Magazine’s podcast, will connect more intuitively with the twenty- and thirty-somethings struggling with their faith and overall wellbeing,” said Christopher Jin, president of UHSM. “With Relevant’s help, we hope to offer encouragement and support for navigating life faithfully.”

In line with the Mental Health Awareness Month in May, UHSM and Relevant Magazine’s Quarterlife will aim to disrupt the stigma and get serious about mental health. Currently in the U.S., nearly one in three millennials suffer from mental health conditions, and about four in ten adults report symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. A number that has drastically increased from the one in ten adults who reported these symptoms during the first six months of 2019. It has never been more important to highlight this growing concern.

“Prioritizing mental health and acknowledging that it is okay to not always be okay is incredibly important in today’s society,” said Jin. “The pandemic has shifted so many aspects of everyday life, and the stress of working it all out in your twenties and early thirties can be very overwhelming. We believe this new series will help guide those who may be pondering life’s biggest questions and offer solace, guidance and hope.”

Along with the Relevant Magazine partnership, UHSM has launched several community initiatives nationwide, continuing the message of faith and its dedication towards mental health services. Earlier this year, UHSM announced its partnership with Brittney Moses, a Los Angeles-based content creator focused on the intersection of faith, mental health and wellness, with plans to host a virtual mental health summit this summer. This event will include influential speakers and cover relevant topics to spotlight and address the growing concern amongst mental health in adults and youth. In addition to this, UHSM partnered with Abide, the world’s most popular Christian meditation app, to offer its members access to unlimited and uninterrupted meditations, topics and guides.

Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM) is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing. The UHSM mission is to help Christian families fulfill their God-given purpose to care for one another and to positively impact our communities. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM takes a modern approach to health sharing that prioritizes holistic health and wellbeing. UHSM offers simple, fair, and friendly health share programs to its members. www.UHSM.com


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