This New Partnership Supports the Message of God In All Aspects of Life, Including The Workplace

UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries), a faith-based health care nonprofit founded on Christian beliefs and values, today announced a partnership with Relevant Magazine, a faith-based publication whose purpose is to share real-life stories that are at the intersection of a Christ-centered life. Through this partnership, UHSM enables the wider community to indulge their latest digital issue at no additional cost, spreading the word of faith in goodness sake.

“We are pleased to offer the latest digital issue of Relevant Magazine at no cost to the wider public,” said Christopher Jin, president of UHSM. “The issue featuring Matthew McConaughey, is an alluring read, and a testament to how so many people can incorporate God into their true life’s mission.”

The feature article, “The Spiritual Renaissance Of Matthew McConaughey,” encapsulates the seamless charm of who readers perceive McConaughey to be. The actor’s persona molded into his own, unapologetically himself, McConaughey shares his deepest thoughts and observations about life, death, God, self, love and forgiveness. As the article continues, McConaughey mentions his career journey as an illustration of himself growing into the person he wishes to become. With many of the actor’s career choices being deliberate, McConaughey started to turn down scripts and movies that no longer served him and no longer felt relevant to his soul.

“UHSM Health Share felt it was increasingly important to support Relevant, and especially this issue, because we believe that God should not be pushed to only personal, weekend celebrations, but rather, be able to experience faith in all aspects of your life, including the workplace,” said Jin.

As faith continues to transcend across the world, faith in business and the workplace is becoming increasingly prevalent. As hard-working Americans spend most of their time at work, now, more than ever, there has been a surge in expressing faith and practices in the workplace. Experiencing and expressing faith is individual; however, common examples found in the workplace can be striving for excellence, supporting and forgiving others, being grateful and humble.

Along with Relevant Magazine partnership, UHSM has launched several community initiatives nationwide, continuing faith in business. Earlier this year, UHSM announced its partnership with Pure Game, a nonprofit organization that integrates character education curriculum and leadership coaching through sport into schools. UHSM teamed up with the Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) to create the OCSC Community Corner, a season-long outreach program that provides nonprofit organizations tickets to share with the children and families they serve. UHSM also supports Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency dedicated to second chances, to provide free disinfection to Dallas, Texas area churches while providing their telehealth program to church staff and their families. The program is also being used by other essential organizations, including Orange County’s Second Harvest Food Bank.

Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM) is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing. The UHSM mission is to help Christian families fulfill their God-given purpose to care for one another and to positively impact our communities. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM takes a modern approach to health sharing that prioritizes holistic health and wellbeing. UHSM offers simple, fair, and friendly health share programs to its members.


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