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Holistic Health and Wellness


Noom is a company dedicated to creating a healthier world. They are committed to helping their users achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Noom takes a psychology-based approach to address every facet of health, addressing holistic health and making the world a healthier place. Noom is also the only CDC approved diabetes control application.

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About Noom

Noom’s mission is to bring an end to dieting and, instead, help its users create life-long results. To do this, they help users create habits that help change the root of specific behavior. Noom recognizes that everyone is unique, so their programs are personalized for each user’s needs and goals. In addition, Noom provides support and services for mental wellness. Their holistic approach to health helps people achieve life-long, lasting results.

Balanced, Long Term Results

At UHSM, we believe in holistic mental and physical health, and we are excited to partner with Noom to further this mission. We help our members lead healthy, balanced lives, and encourage them to take the time to care for themselves and their well-being.




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